LaRoche CRNA program

  1. Hello. I have been searching for any info on LaRoche's CRNA program on this forum. I've only found info from a few years back. I would love to hear from current applicants/students and also recent grads that can offer some insight.
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  3. by   jmelinte
    That's all I've seen as well. I applied for Fall, 2018, and will be interviewing on the 25th. From what I was told, the interview consists of a program overview, and two one-on-one sessions with the director and assistant director (roughly 1hr each). One will be personality questions, and the other technical. At 24 months, they are the shortest program, and thus want to make sure they admit students with a strong base of fundamental concepts. The other info I've been able to find was from a few years back, when they were affiliated with Allegheny Valley Hospital rather than Allegheny General, but it was all very positive. Have you heard back?
  4. by   Oldie79
    I have heard the same as far as the interview. I'll be interviewing in February. Good luck to you and keep me posted!
  5. by   Oldie79
    How'd your interview go? Hope it went well!
  6. by   jmelinte
    It was pretty rough. This was my first interview. The technical component was very intense, and I'm afraid I got off on the wrong track with quite a few of the questions. In retrospect, I should have been a bit more well rounded in my prep. I focused quite a bit on hemodynamics and swan stuff, but the questions went in a different direction. Once she noticed I was really nervous and unsure about my answers, I feel like she honed in on that pretty well, which only made my anxiety worse. There were areas I felt comfortable with, but overall, I doubt I made a good impression. The personality component with the assistant director went very well, but I'm sure the technical section is much more heavily weighted. I can only hope they consider my scores and credentials when making a decision, but I think it was a dud. All that aside, the director and assistant director seemed great, and it sounds like they run a wonderful, supportive program. Im interviewing at another school on the 26th and am waiting to hear back from a few others I've applied to. I hope your interview goes great!
  7. by   Oldie79
    I don't think any of us feels wonderful after interviews. Hopefully your positive attributes stood out and you get accepted. I'm rooting for you! Good luck with your upcoming interview as well!
  8. by   jmelinte
    Thank you, best of luck to you as well!
  9. by   jmelinte
    Just wondering if anyone has heard back yet. I know interviews are going through the month of March, but in years past, they have extended some rolling admissions along the way.
  10. by   Oldie79
    Nothing yet. Hopefully soon! Good luck!
  11. by   Oldie79
    Any news yet?
  12. by   jmelinte
    Nothing so far, but I do know they were interviewing until the end of March, so I bet they'll make decisions in the next week or so.