KU vs U of M Flint

  1. Hey all,

    I have been accepted to both the University of Kansas and the University of Michigan-Flint's DNAP programs. Trying to decide between the two of them. I have a wife and a baby on the way. U of M is much closer to home. However, the students I talked to at KU seemed to feel that their workload was more manageable, and that they had time to spend with family. U of M is frontloaded and allows students to work for the first 2 semesters, but the last 2 years are very intense with clinicals; the faculty estimate 80 hrs per week.

    I do recognize that either program will be very demanding. Both sound like good quality programs and the students feel they are well prepared for their future jobs. Anybody attend either program and have insight?
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  3. by   sicumurse27
    Hey cardiacnurse12, I was accepted to UM-flint as well. I have friends in both the DNAP and the last MS program there and they said it's definitely difficult but they don't regret it at all nonetheless. I had an offer in Florida too but I'm going to go with UM. If you end up sticking around looks like we'll be classmates! Right on. Good luck in whatever choice you decide.
  4. by   jrrochef
    Congratulations on your acceptance!! I'm very interested in their program. How long did it take before you heard back about acceptance post-interview?
  5. by   sicumurse27
    jrrochef, It varies I think based on the people I have talked to but I was called by the director the next day.
  6. by   jrrochef
    Good to know, thank you! I'm thinking about applying in February. I take it you were part of the early admissions? Do you know if they take a lot of students 1st round?
  7. by   sicumurse27
    That I am not sure of. They only had two days of interviews for the early admissions which I believe the second day was yesterday. As far as the amount they take first round I'm not sure but the cohort size is around 20ish I believe.
  8. by   Am167847
    Sicumurse27, how long do you have to make your decision? Congrats on getting accepted to both and congrats on the baby! I interviewed at KU and was selected as an alternate so, essentially still in limbo lol.