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Hello, is anybody interviewing or has interviewed for Barry University's CRNA program for Jan 2012 entry? I would like to talk to some people that have or will be.... Read More

  1. by   kabousika
    does anyone know when they interview the last group for January 2013? Or when did the January 2012 students get interviewed? Do you mind sharing when you applied and when you were called for an interview?

    For those accepted, did you get an email/phone call for the interview?
  2. by   rploonam
    I've submitted my application for the Jan 2014 start and am waiting to hear back, I've been reading all the good posts, especially about Orlando. I was planning on that being my first choice as I have family in Melbourne. I have 5 years of high acuity ED experience in San Francisco as well as a stint of rotor wing flight experience with successful intubations. Have any of you already in the program had classmates without ICU experience?
  3. by   NurseAMK
    Interview tips anyone? And did you have any volunteer experience? How much?
  4. by   pchs052010
    Hello Guys! I know that this is a 2012 thread. I read this over and over again. I got tips and inspiration from this. I applied to Barry University, and I got in. Although it is provisional, I know it will be worth it. I still have to earn my CCRN and make my verbal GRE score above 149.
    I know that you are graduating this semester. Congratulations on your success. I hope to be working alongside with you starting 2017.

    With that said, do you guys have any recommendations? Any books that you want to recommend. Anything????????????????
  5. by   fyrace
    Why provisional. If you don't need your CCRN, don't get it. You can read baby miller if you have nothing else to do, but most stuff will be taught. Other books may be too difficult until you actually learn the concepts behind them. Best you can do until school is to enjoy your freedom. Just sayin....
  6. by   pchs052010
    barry wants me to earn my CCRN first
  7. by   pchs052010
    is it worth it to study organic chem in preparation of CRNA school?
  8. by   CCRNCMC11
    Hey pchs! I was just accepted to Barry too! Were you just at the interview? For the CCRN study Laura gasparis DVDs and PASS! CCRN study questions. For the gre I used the Princeton review book and questions. Good luck!!
  9. by   rjnavarro629
    CCRNCMC11 i am looking into barry's crna program. I have read a few of your posts however this website is not letting me direct message. is there any other way i can get in contact with you?
  10. by   Jedi_fk
    Hey all - this class should be graduating now and I'd like to get the low-down on the program from. Do I need to steer clear of this program? Did you have a good experience, learn what was needed? What is your overall thoughts on the matter- a list of pros/cons maybe. I'm trying to decide where to apply and I'd love some feedback on Barry.