Interviews at Barry and FIU

  1. Does anyone have any info about the interview process at Barry or FIU? I just found out I have been invited for interviews at these schools. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
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  3. by   icyounurse
    I just interviewed at Barry and was accepted(!!!!)for early admission Jan. 2008. The interview was stressful, but they were very nice, and it all seemed pretty organized. I got there at 830, at 900 me and 3 other applicants were taken to a conferance room for a presentation on CRNA school and Barry's program. Then a lady from financial aid came to talk with us, and then we took a written test with critical care questions on it. Then we met individually for our interviews. There were typical interview questions.
    I was really impressed with Barry and plan on accepting their offer for admission. They called me less than a week after the interview to tell me I got in.
  4. by   njtccrn
    Congratulations to you!!! Is this your first time applying to CRNA school? What do you think they are looking for in their applicants (experience, science courses, GPA, GRE, etc)? How many interviewers?
    Thanks for your info....wish me luck, I interview in February!
  5. by   icyounurse
    I dont know what the typical applicant has gre or grades wise, but I had 3.64 BSN GPA, GRE 1310, CCRN certified, 2 years Medical ICU, 2 ICU travel assignments, and 6 months in Recovery Room. I wasnt sure if I would get in because of my age, the other 3 girls seemed like they had more experiance than me, I also felt like I was way more nervous than they looked :0].
    They seemed really interested in our experiance as a nurse, they asked us to introduce ourselves when we first got there and tell us about how many years we'd been a nurse, where we had worked, ect. 2 of the other applicants had been nurses for 6-8 years, and the other didnt mention how many years just said experiance in "oncology and ICU".
    The individual interviews were held with a two person panel, but I dont think that is the norm, there may be more than 2 as 3 others came by to introduce themselves and said thay had final exams to give that day so they wouldnt be able to interview us. So it may be more.
    Good Luck with your interview, let me know how it goes!!! Sounds like I may be seeing you in 2008
  6. by   icyounurse
    Oh and I forgot to mention, it is my first time applying, I mean I applied to 2 others but I applied really early and am not supposed to hear from them for awhile, so I am probably going to accept at Barry and withdraw my applications to the other 2 programs.
  7. by   faerielight
    Congrats! How was the test given at Barry, anything unexpected? Were you drilled in the interview with medical questions? Others have implied the interview was really indepth, with ACLS, drips and swan ganz questions? Just want to be prepared for my interview.
  8. by   njtccrn
    I haven't actually interviewed at Barry yet, my interview is this Friday...I have heard that there is a written test and the actual interview is basically interview questions. I did interview at FIU and was accepted there and I was very impressed with their program, they seemed to really care about you as a person...the interview was both clinical questions and typical interview questions but very relaxed.
    When is your interview at Barry? Maybe I'll see you there?
  9. by   faerielight
    I will see you there! Must be nice to have one interview behind you.
  10. by   crna2blg
    What type of clinical questions are on Barry Univ's written test???