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  1. Hi all,

    I was wondering if one or acouple of you would be able to respond to questions I have reguarding this profession. I am enrolled in a college Health and society class which is the lead class of the health and bioscience academy at my high school which i have been apart of for three years. A project in this class is a career investigation project. I have been interested in becoming a CRNA for some time and am currently applying to nusring schools for my BSN; hence I have decided to do my project on the profession of an CRNA. A section of this project is an interview with a professional. If one or several of you could answer my questions it would be greatly appreciated. You can respond to the thread or email me , thank you.

    Your Name: (last name initial is fine)
    1- How did you decide to become a CRNA?

    2- How did you get your first job in the field?

    3- Is continueingeducationa requirement?

    4- What aspects of your job do you find to be rewarding?

    5- What aspects of your job do you find to be most challenging?

    6- How has this kind of work changed since you first entered the profession?

    7- What do you do during a typical day/week?

    8- What are the most important skills( or knowledge, or attitude) necessary to be succesful in your career?

    9-If you had any advice to give to a high school studetn considering your profession, what would it be?

    10- What reading/resreach would you suggest that would help me to learn more about your profession?

    Thank you for any respones! I would appreciate responses by thrusday night, thanks agian.
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