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  1. hello, i just received an invitation for an interview at rosalind franklin u , can anybody tell me what to, help!!!!!!
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  3. by   SLSB2
    The program is brand new so I can't tell you exactly what to expect. Most interviews, however, ask similar questions. Such as "why do you want to become a CRNA?" "have you shadowed a CRNA and what was your impression?" "How will you deal with the personal, financial and time commitment of the program?" I think it helps to practice your answers ahead of time so you appear prepared.
  4. by   tonyccrn
    I dont know anything about the program, however I recently had an interview at a School in PA and thankfully I was accepted. I am pretty sure most interviews are relatively the same, they probably ask the same questions give or take a few.

    mine were,

    what do I know about what a CRNA does?
    Why do I want to be a CRNA?
    Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses! (this was the hardest one, haha even though i knew it was most likely going to be asked)
    Why should we pick you over the other canidates?
    given two clinical situations, (Know hemodynamic monitoring and pressors!)
    given and ethical situation (mine was dealing with a doc)
    asked me to tell them about myself!

    discussed some of my grades and how am i prepared for anesthesia school!

    hope that helps, I was very nervous for mine, especially since i was the last one in our group to interview (had time to sit and think about it , they will expect some nervousness, so relax and just be honest.

  5. by   Conz3434
    I'm sorry, I can't help you out very much. However, I am a BSN student and I was looking at Rosalind Franklin for Anesthesia school. Did you find the application process hard, do you mind if I ask how many years exp. you have ane yer gpa and what not, I am just looking to know what to expect. Rosalind Frank. would be my perfect anesthesia school since it has a great location to my house and from what I can tell the program is a good fit for me. Let me know how things go, and I appreciate any answers. Thanks, and good luck!
  6. by   manmohan
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  7. by   tonyccrn

    My doctor question came up after discussing how things are in the unit I work in. I work in a large teaching hospital, so we have lots of residents. I was asked about following out an order that I felt was not benificial or possibly even harmful towards the patient. my qestion was based on residents ordering it, so it was pretty easy to answer. I went into questioning the resident and not peforming the order and going over the reisidents head to an upper year or an attending.

    for your weakness question dont give them to much info, so I was told. that part was a blur to me haha, cause that was the part I was most nervous about. I kind of talked about me being a perfectionist and how sometimes i feel i have to do everything. i honestly forget how I went about answering it, but it can be a weakness but than again, i dont think its to bad of a weakness to have at times.

  8. by   aljota
    How did you do in your interview?:spin:
  9. by   helloRN
    hi everybody the interview was great, ofcourse i was nervous, the questions are rather informal, why anesthesia, how are u going to cope with the fianances etc and one medical question was about heartfailure(nothing that ccrn doest teach)
    i received my accptance today(2weeks after) thanks for the prayers