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    I will be interviewing with Fairfield University and was curious if anyone had information on what to expect or how to prepare. I'm looking for recommendations and the style of interview questions asked

    Any information will help
    Thank you
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  3. by   Hobberdog
    I don't know the program specifically, but for the most part they are not as concerned about the depth of your knowledge as much as they want to see your personality. They want to see that you are a hard worker and that you will be nice to work with. Anesthesia school is hard. You will be put to the test physically and mentally. They don't want whiners or complainers in the program because they will have to deal with that for 2+ years. Be positive, happy and energetic. Show how you have worked hard in school and as a nurse and will continue to do what it takes in order to be successful. Yes, they still want to see what you know, but that is secondary. Don't be afraid to say you don't know when they ask you a question that is out of your depth. Don't BS... they will know. Good luck.
  4. by   ICURN75
    Thank you for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated!
  5. by   dread_pirate_roberts
    Know your job very well! While I agree with Hobberdog, I also got a few questions I wasn't expecting (another tip - don't over-prepare on specific questions, you might end up forgetting basic things *raises hand*). For instance, know what you would have ready for an RSI intubation when they've called anesthesia to tube the patient. Know how to troubleshoot intubated patients' alarms, etc... And again, in agreement with Hobberdog, don't BS answers you don't know. Tell them you would look it up - that's just as admirable as knowing the answer to begin with (knowing your limitations). It wouldn't hurt to look up some political issues related to MDA/CRNA/AA (i.e. opt-out). Primarily, just be yourself! Try not to stress, what will be will be Good luck!

    p.s. I didn't interview at the specific program you're asking about, but I feel like these are pretty general expectations from interviewers based on my research!
  6. by   eaglehdz_21
    Agree with what has been posted above. Do prepare but don t overly focus on one topic. Be honest with yoir answers and if you don't know something be sincere and admit you don't know. They don't expect you to know everything. Your application and certs display your knowledge and competence in themselves. Most importantly relax and be yourself!
  7. by   CosmoErin
    Thanks for the advice. Calming nerves seems like one of the bigger challenges.