1. I was wondering if anyone who has gone thru the interview process for anesthesia school can tell me what to expect to be better prepared for my interview, also is there a test that is taken at the interview or is that done after you're accepted into the program??? Thanks for your help!!
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  3. by   JennyMacRN2B
    Had my interview today, not real confident about it but o'well there's always next year. I was a nervous bumbling idiot.

    Here are somethings they asked me.
    Why do I want to be a CRNA?
    Have I shadowed a CRNA?
    What do you think a CRNA does?
    What is the ultimate goal of a CRNA as far as patient care goes?
    What qualities would make you a successful CRNA?
    Tell me about a patient that you have taken care of recently.
    I was grilled on clinical questions by the anesthiologist, one right after another for what seemed like forever.
    What would you do to make yourself a more attractive candidate next year (I met the minimal requirements).

    Hope this helps you, of course every program is different, but if you are prepared for all questions then you will be more comfortable.

    Good Luck,
  4. by   IAMLD
    Thanks for your help I do appreciate it..this is my first time applying so I am quite nervous. The worst fear I have is drawing a blank when asked a question and looking like an idiot.
    When will you hear back about your interview?? Sometimes we've done better than we think we did, so don't be too hard on yourself, and you're right there is always next year..this interview will be a good learning experience for next time.
    Thanks again, let me know how you made out and I'll do the same.
  5. by   JennyMacRN2B
    I will find out in about four weeks. It's not the end of the world if I do not get in. This was my first interview (only place I applied, and first time I ever applied), and I was the first interview for that session in front of the panel of 8 people. Good Luck to you!

    I will be in contact,
  6. by   betsylew
    The school that I have an interview with sent me a list of clinical competencies, and they want me to be ready to discuss how well I meet the competencies. They include things like interpretation of ABGs and lab values, understanding of PA catheters and Atrerial lines, experience with vents and IV therapy, interpretation of EKGs, and knowledge of ACLS and meds - vasoactive drugs, antiarrhthmics, alpha/beta blockers, neuromuscular blockers, sedation and pain medication. Not all schools ask clinical questions - you could probably call the school and ask what to be prepared for.

    I have also heard that interviewers sometimes ask why you chose their school specifically and how you plan to finance school.

  7. by   ctucker
    Betsy where did you apply to.
  8. by   betsylew
    I applied to the University of Kansas Medical Center.
  9. by   Belle12
    I have heard from others who did their interviews, that they REALLY want to see if you know what a CRNA does; the role, function et. I'm told that many people applying for CRNA schools, don't have a clue what a CRNA is/does...If you haven't shadowed a CRNA, I bet it would help before your interview. GOOD LUCK!!!!