in at NYU ACE BSN,,want crna,,will apply to columiba etp,,any sugg,,or in similar pos

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  2. by   mrshouse
    I am in the same position. I am also accepted to NYU accelerated BSN for fall 2009 and plan to get my masters to be a crna. Are you planning on holding off until May when columbia's etp program starts? I wish I had known of the program sooner but don't want to waste any more time.
  3. by   figi848
    no, im going to go to nyu and possibly transfer out if I get accepted to DTP at columbia. I don't want to wait either. Spoke to an addmission advisor and said that is what students usaually do, some credits get transfered from NYU and some get advance standing.
  4. by   bostongeorge
    Hey I'm new to this forum and had a few questions.
    What fields were you all working in before applying to these programs? What was your college major and GPA? How did you fair on the GRE's? If you were not a science major or were lacking in some of the pre-req's how did you fulfill them.

    I was working in finance for a short period of time and graduated with a BS in finance 3.5 GPA and a master's in ACCt 3.9 GPA.
    I scored a 720 on the GMAT (business school's version of the GRE if your unfamiliar). Which is the top 6% I believe. (Only reason i included this blurb is because i have looked at the GRE sample tests and the test seems pretty similar and feel i could probably get in a similar range) Would top 10% on the GRE be good enough for columbia's program?

    Thanks! All responses are greatly appreciated.
  5. by   mrshouse
    I don't know anything about columbia's program. I would also like to know what kind of GPAs and GRE scores were acceptable. I was a Bio major and only had chem and physiology requirements. I had to squeeze anatomy, micro,and lifespan development while finishing my bio requirements (upper level genetics and spanish 3) to graduate this semester. This summer I still have to finish statistics and nutrition. I concentrated harder on my sciences and labs and took lifespan development online and got an A with min time investement. I am also taking nutrition online this summer.

    Do you have to take the GRE before acceptance to transfer to Columbia from NYU? If so, were you planning on taking it this summer or the semester of application to Columbia?
  6. by   figi848
    GPA. 3.4 major sociology,, did not take GRE yet,NYU does not require it. working in hospitality industry.. no backgroud what so ever in the health feild..completely new territory..
  7. by   figi848
    will take GRE in Columbia.. Pre reqs are in progress right now and some taken already.. at a local community college.
  8. by   figi848
    When I spoke to a rep at Columbia it seems waht actually gets you a nay or yea from them is your letters of rec...and your personal statement.. CONFIDENCE is KEY.. And you must convey this in your personal statement. "not arogance"