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Got my call today. Im in at MTSA. Was wondering if there are any more of you early interviewers out there that got in. Also has any questions about the process ask away.... Read More

  1. by   winnieleigh
    Hey! I'm interviewing too in November, and I would love a copy of the study guide. Would you please email it to me as well? Thanks!
  2. by   pbilbrey
    Congrads on the interview where are you coming from? I live in the Memphis area. I do not have a med study sheet. It looks like maybe the starter of this post no longer comes back. I have ordered the book that was suggested. I got a book from the Anesthesia group were I work yesterday. I have also been looking on the net. So far most of what I have found seems to be related to na,K pump and ca going into and out of cell causing contraction or relax.

    I just signed up 3 days ago. I do not know how to send personal email, do you?

    It would be great to talk to someone that has gotten in at MTSA.

  3. by   Makethemletmein
    I also got an interview at MTSA on Nov 16th, and I am completely lost as to what to study. I know about the meds, but thats about it. They are doing interviews a little differently this year, and because of that I really don't know how to prepare. Do you know how many interviews they gave out this year?
  4. by   pbilbrey
    Got my call today I am in
  5. by   maverik09
    I had a buddy that applied there and was put on the alt list, he was saying that they required a 5k deposit to hold your seat, is this true?
  6. by   Makethemletmein
    Yes that is true, however if you attend school there that deposit goes toward your tutition. If you are an alternate and do not atttend due to lack of a spot opening then I think you get that deposit back.
  7. by   pbilbrey
    I do not know about alt. Out of state does have to pay 5 k to hold their place or it goes to someone else. Instate was 3500
  8. by   RN910
    just had my interview at MTSA this AM...was it brutal!!! not feeling very good about the 5-8 minute interview with panel. talked with president and felt good about those questions. anyone else have an interview at MTSA recently?