I'm a freshman BSN student....

  1. It's the end of my first semester of my BSN program. I'm screwed... My poor study habits from high school have cursed me with my love for cramming and last minute efforts at things.
    I'm an 18 year old BSN freshman but I would like to become a CRNA.

    For the first half of my semester, I made it through with grades in the low 80's on my exams. I finally started to get myself together after midterms. I just didn't want to be a scumbag anymore. Lol

    Every test I've taken since midterms has been above a 95% which is a first for me...

    However, my final grades for anatomy and chem are still a B+ despite my best efforts after midterms. I already finished my finals and got the grades back.

    So far, I have a B+ in my 5 credit anatomy, B+ in my 3 credit chem, but I have all A's in my other classes like Psych and English.
    This brings my GPA to a 3.63

    If I continue my study habits, what are the chances of CRNA schools overlooking my poor GPA in my first semester of freshman year?

    I know that GPA is not everything, but I'm just curious as to how this can impact the future.

    There's no need to be empathetic or try to cheer me up! I'd rather have the cold, hard truth than live in a fantasy world.

    Thanks, guys!
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  3. by   Thujone
    Reading this made me smile and giggle a little, and not because I think it's funny, but because you sound a lot like I did a few years ago.

    Here's the thing. I dont know what the admissions board will look at as I've never been in grad school, but generally speaking they look upon students who have turned their grades around with a positive light. It shows character. I've talked to some medical doctors who had made bad choices (and had far worse grades than a B plus too) their first time at college, but they turned themselves around and the admissions board took note of that.

    You are still very young and really just beginning your academic career. From this point on, I suggest you avoid any relapsing in regards to your grades.

    To be blunt, no, one 'bad' semester will not hurt you. However, if you want to mamaximize your competitiveness then you can always retake the courses. They won't be as bad the second time around.
  4. by   I.C.UNurse
    As someone who was just accepted into CRNA school I will tell you GPA matters a good amount, especially the science courses, but is not the all to be all. They look at everything (GPA, GRE, years experience and where, leadership in nursing, certifications, etc.) and use that to base their decision on whether to grant you an interview or not. You do not need a perfect 4.0 to get into school, but if you have a strong GPA that is one less thing you have to justify or explain in your interview. Also, you never know what is going to be the tie breaker between you and the other candidates. Also, realize that CRNA school there is no such thing as cramming or procrastination. They look for candidates and expect them to be over-achievers and extremely driven, you can't "cram" for a graduate level pharmacology or chemistry class. So, I think your GPA is fine, but the attitude toward studying should change because you first need to pass nursing school before even thinking about CRNA school, so concentrate on passing nursing school first.