How old can the GRE be?

  1. Just curious. Is there a time limit on "how long ago" you took the GRE? I'm just asking because I won't be applying to anesthesia school until a couple of years from now, but I am considering taking the GRE and getting it out of the way (while I am able to give it my undivided attention). Do you have to have taken it within a certain time frame (no more than 5 years old, etc.)?
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  3. by   willardka
    the testing company for the GRE purges the scores from the system every five years. That said, if you think you will be applying within the next few years, take the GRE now. Not much you learn in the next few years will improve your GRE scores, but you will start to forget some things you have learned that are tested (i.e. math skills). Good luck.
  4. by   SLSB2
    Hi - Yes, there is a time limit, which varies from institution to institution. Check with the schools you are planning to apply to. I would advise waiting until you are serious about applying - the prep materials and exam are expensive!
  5. by   UCDSICURN
    Not only are the prep materials expensive but you're coming up on a complete overhaul of the GRE...a lot is changing, therefore making the current test preps obsolete in the near future. The changes are going into effect some time in '07.

    Good luck to ya.
  6. by   jemommyRN
    Thank you all for replying. With the changes coming into affect, I think I am going to wait. I don't want to purchase the test materials and not be able to use them. I do want to get a little more solidity in my decision too. Thanks, guys!
  7. by   masstudent
    Can someone tell me how schools can accept GRE scores that are more than 5 years old. I know a school can decide how old a class or test can be that they wiill accept but you can't get ETS to send them a copy for a test that is older than 5 years since it has been wiped out of the system. Do you just send them a copy of the scores you have on hand?