How did you get into FIU?

  1. Hi All,

    I will be starting a BSN program this fall and it's prompted me to think about my next planned step (after a year or two in ICU of course). I heard that FIU has a pretty good and moderately affordable program.

    My question is, how did you get into FIU (gpa, work experience, interview Q/A's, grad classes)?

    Thank you and I look forward to your response!
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  3. by   Alyah
    I can see you posted this a year ago not sure if you still around here... I just got into the Generic BSN track should be in the third semester, how is it going so far?

    Can you tell me if buying used textbooks will work or will we have to get new ones with all sorts of login access codes?

    Also I have a feeling you were not asking about how people got into any BSN program but a graduate program is that correct?
  4. by   angel3o5
    I noticed that you just posted this recently. Did you just apply in May? When did you get your acceptance letter?
  5. by   Jessmb

    I was recently notified that I was accepted into the Fall 2010 Generic BSN program at FIU. I was hoping to find others who got accepted... Write Back, I would love to hear from you!
  6. by   angel3o5

    I applied in May but have yet to hear from them. I have heard of other people getting acceptance letters in mid June, so I'm guessing maybe I was not accepted I guess all I can do is wait.

    congrats again and good luck to you.
  7. by   Alyah
    Hi Jessmb!

    Congratulations on getting in!! I know I'm super happy and I bet you are too!

    Figures tomorrow is our orientation already

    I am new to the website and cannot email you or anything but we can keep up with this post and soon enough we'll be able to do that too.

    PS: you don't have by any chance purpule, orange or pink hair so I can easily see you, do you?
  8. by   Alyah
    Quote from angel3o5
    I noticed that you just posted this recently. Did you just apply in May? When did you get your acceptance letter?
    I got mine at the very begining this month
  9. by   Jessmb

    Im sorry I didnt post sooner, I had not checked the forum in a while... I am also new to this site so bear with me.. BTW- I dont have colorful hair, but am excited to meet you cause I sure could use study buddies when the program starts!
  10. by   SantinoSLVR

    I just graduated from the FIU generic BSN program recently.. I actually just received the results of my NCLEX today and I'm an RN!

    My advice to all of you who will be in the program....

    HESI HESI HESI... As I'm sure you have already heard or will soon hear... my class was the one that about 30 of us did not pass the HESI Exit exam...

    I don't mean to downgrade the school, but I need to let you all know the situation so that you will all be successfull. They incorporated HESI on our last semester... We had never been exposed to it, and look how that turned out. They made us all re-do another semester.. There was absolutely no consideration... And, if we would have failed again we would have been kicked out without a degree..

    Practice questions as much as you can... The more questions you do the better you all will be. HESI has a book that was great.. If I'm not mistaken, I believe Dr. Hamilton stated it will be provided or required for you all.. It wasn't for us.. We found it on our own and it helped us out a lot..

    The book is by Evolve Reach (Powered by HESI) Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination 2nd Edition. It's a blue book with some green in it..

    Begin practicing for HESI as soon as possible (with this book) so that when you need to take the EXIT you will have no problem.. Aim for 850-900... That's the score they require for the Exit.. I believe it's at an 850 now after our class..

    There are some great professors and clinical preceptors as well... ALL I USED to be successful was the HESI book, and after I graduated and passed the HESI I took the Kaplan course and did the Q bank and question trainers and I got my license...

    It's not hard at all... You just need to put a lot of time into it, and you will succeed.

    Good luck to you all
  11. by   Jessmb
    Congrats!!! I am so happy for you! Thank you so much for the insight and tips for preparing for the HESI Exit exam. I understand what you mean about the school's, sometimes, lack of consideration for students. Unfortunately, it seems that whenever they decide to revise and change aspects of their program, the students are the last to find out and deal with the consequences. I sense some disorganization and/or lack of communication between the program directors and the staff. However, I am looking forward to the program and hoping to learn a lot!
  12. by   Alyah
    Thank you for sharing this!
  13. by   SantinoSLVR
    Thank you!

    Yes, you are correct we also sensed the disorganization and somewhat of a faulty communication between staff...

    Anyhow, there ARE some great professors, and staff as you will see... A lot of them are extremely helpful to us students, and show a genuine respect and love for us.

    Great that you all are looking forward to the program, and are using several sources such as to review information. You will meet some awesome fellow students and will form close relationships with them as you will be spending the next 2 years of your college life with them. Stick together, support each other, and in the end the experience is incredible.

    Congrats on your sucesses in being accepted for FIU nursing, and enjoy the new building!! We (us that didn't pass HESI) were able to use it for our last semester