How can I prepare?

  1. I will be starting Nursing school in April and will recieve my BSN in about 32 months after that. I would really like to be a Nurse Anesthetist. I have been doing some research and was wondering if there is anything other I can be doing now to prepare? Other then get good grades! Any advice would really be appericated.
    Also I will be 26 when I get my BSN, I know this my sound silly but what is the average age of a CRNA student. Will I be young,middle, or older? I ask that because I have a friend that just started medical school and she is 29 and is considered reallly old
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  3. by   MagicalThinking
    hey i'm thinking about being a CRNA too...actually i'm 99% sure that's what i want after i get my BSN...most of the people i have talked to say most CRNA's are a bit older just because before you can get into the master's program you have to have atleast 1 year of critical care experience. as for me i'm 27 workin on the BSN and won't be admitted into a nurse anesthetist program until i'm 31. i just went back to school last year so i have a ways to go but no matter what one day you'll be 30 isn't it better to be 30 an a CRNA? oh and as for stuff to help you get in...i've heard volunteering, GPA, recommendations and the amount of time you work as an RN is important. good luck
  4. by   Pete495
    Please read the FAQ at the top of the page, then come back with any specific questions. it should answer most of your questions. Also, read the sticky at the top pertaining to the Pre-CRNA discussion group. Thanks.