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  1. I have been obsessed with these CRNA threads lately, so I thought I should say hi. So HI

    I am an RN, BSN. I graduated December 2004. I currently work in a Level 1 Trauma Center, big ole teaching hospital, in the Medical ICU. I've recently (last 6 months or so) become intensely intrigued by the CRNA role and feel it would be a great fit for me.

    My undergrad GPA was 3.81, am involved with Sigma Theta Tau, taking the GRE in April, will be ACLS and PALS soon. I also plan on becoming balloon pump certified this summer, along with CVVH as well. I am going to start shadowing a CRNA ASAP (I know, I should be doing it already!), but I'm really thinking that CRNA is the way to go for me.

    Question #1, did everyone start feeling "stressed" about jumping through all these hoops? It's a lot to prepare, just to apply! I think my husband is sick of hearing about it already LOL. I am excited and I know it's worth working for, but it's quite the paper trail!

    Also, with hearing my story, what would you say about my applying to U of M Flint's program this fall for a Fall '07 start? Unsure if I have a chance or not, but think I should get it all together and try my darndest anyway!

    I would also like to thank everyone for their insight and advice on the site, it really is a great community you have here...glad to be a part of it
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  3. by   lilaRN
    Hi there,
    I think it's awesome your looking into CRNA school! You sound a lot like me. I too worked in a Level 1 Trauma center /Burn ICU right out of school. I'm 25 now and applied to 5 programs this year. I have: ACLS,PALS,ENPC,TNCC,NRP and now my CCRN. I took the GRE but did just ok, but had a 3.7 in school. I too have shadowed CRNAs for insight. I, however, only recieved 2 interview out of the 5 schools I applied for.
    My recommendation is to not put your eggs all in 1 basket. Apply to as many schools as your husband is willing to move to (as I did). It's really competative out there and I don't know if our lack of "quantity" experience is a weakness (I'll find out soon :imbar ). Also, take as many classes and get as many certifications as you can. If you get interviews, post questions about it on this website and everyone is really helpful for preparation. I guess that's all my advice 'cause I'm in the same boat. Good luck in figuring out what schools to apply for. Sorry, I know nothing about Flint.
  4. by   CRNAgirl
    It sounds like you're doing all the right things. Of course, it will be stressful...but so will anesthesia school. With all the certifications, you will get in pretty much anywhere you apply. good luck
  5. by   SheRN1
    Speaking for my own personal experiences with the application process. Yes, getting the application packet ready is very stressing. But, in the end when you achieve your goal the stress is quickly forgotten. I know you should apply to as many schools in your area or out of state (if willing to travel) as possible. As someone said earlier never place all your eggs in one basket. I have a friend who was accepted into U of M Flint's Anesthesia program in Dec and will start in 06. And I will be attending Oakland Univ this fall. Good Luck!
  6. by   optimisticSRNA
    Thanks for the replies, everyone! I am aware the payoffs from the stress will be well worth it

    SheRN1, which schools did you apply for, interview with, etc? Just curious. Thanks
  7. by   SheRN1
    Oakland Univ and U of D Mercy.