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Well, Its Down To The Wire. My Interview For The Anesthesia Program Is In One Week, And I'm Really Beginning To Feel The Jitters. If Anyone Has Any Tips (like Questions And/or Topics That Will Be... Read More

  1. by   rave21 soon did u hear after ur interview?
  2. by   rave21
    Quote from TrainO4
    I attended UB. I highly recommend that program. I have been a practicing CRNA almost 2 years now and felt very prepared when I graduated. Plus the program director and assistant program director are awesome.
    Read my previous thread I wrote in Feb 2007, and Nitecap's response way before that. is a great resource so it's good your here, and good luck. long was ur interview? when did u hear back after u interviewed?
  3. by   love-d-OR
    This is a great thread, thanks to all that contributed and shared their interview info
  4. by   Omar TX CCRN
    Very Excited! Feeling strong about my interview. I really appreciate the time you all have taken to inform me and all those able, willing, and capable. I have my interview with TWU 8JAN10, 230pm. Excited and as you can see continueing my preperation and attempting to strengthen my 1140 GRE score, CCRN, and MBA application highlights. Thank you. Keep you updated and good luck to us all, nurses that is, in continuing the battle for health and wellness.