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Well, Its Down To The Wire. My Interview For The Anesthesia Program Is In One Week, And I'm Really Beginning To Feel The Jitters. If Anyone Has Any Tips (like Questions And/or Topics That Will Be... Read More

  1. by   bj76302
    Thank you alot for replying to my thread. TWU is my first and only choice for NA school. I only applied to TCU for another option just in case i didnt get in at TW. But since they want me to retake my GRE for an interview, i think i will stay focused on the original plan.
    Anyway, my interview is next week 11/22. I'm meeting with a CRNA that i met at the hospital to give a few pointers tomorrow evening.
    THanks for the good luck. I've been carrying that Pass CCRN book around with me for months now. It's ALL i think about and read. Guess i'm just preparing myself to next August.
    Is the respiratory/physiology Reinke? Yes, the staff has been very curtious to me. John Martin actually talked with me on the phone last april when i got my denial letter. He gave me pointers and said that if i did what he advised, i would have no problem....... Just that feeling of "am i missing something?"
    Did you get in on your first interview?

    Quote from SigmaSRNA
    This is for the poster. I'm currently a 1st year RRNA at Texas Wesleyan University. I will say if you decide to come here it will be the best decision you can make as far as your education. Probably the most impressive thing besides the education quality was the fact that everyone ( from the secretary to the program director) were just as nice to me on the first day I walked on campus to now.
    I will give you a little bit of warning though. Nitecap is right, we don't have MDs here to interview you. We have our anatomy/physiology professor who has a PhD with a speciality in respiratory physiology (which is worst). Nicest guy you'll ever meet though.
    Study the cardiopulmonary sections in the "Pass CCRN" book and you'll be fine.
    Hope to see at TWU.
  2. by   SigmaSRNA
    Yeah. Got in on the 1st time.
  3. by   COKatRN
    Anybody have any idea about the strucutre of The University of Kansas CRNA interview? I have an interview in 2 weeks! Any help would be GREAT!
  4. by   bj76302
    Well thanks for the info. I have my interview tomorrow (11/22) afternoon. I've been studying off and on since april and intense the past 6 weeks. Anyway, i feel pretty confident about it. That in itself is half the battle.
  5. by   TX ICU RN
    Good luck and Best Wishes .....I haven't received a reply for my interview...wish I could help.
  6. by   bj76302
    Be sure and CALL them as much as you need to get an answer. The line i've used is "i'm just calling to make sure that you've received all the requirements for my application". And then "when can i expect to hear about an interview?". Thanks for the good luck. I'll keep you posted
  7. by   eyeflygirl
    I tried to private message you, but your box is full!
    What is the name of the study guide you used?
  8. by   UTRN2005
    Hi Nitecap,
    I tried to PM you too. Did you get it?

  9. by   TrainO4
    So I'm in, sometimes I still can't believe it. I'm in my second semester of CRNA school. I'm so happy to be studying anesthesia. I remember the stress of the interviews, and I searched at that time for guidance. I just want to return the favor. Some things you should know for your interview:
    • Swans- everything about them. I was asked what anatomy they get inserted through and how to interpret the readings.
    • Drips. Know all your inotropes and then some. Know paralytics like Nimbex. Also know Dobutamine, and sedation drips like versed, fentanyl. These drugs are all very important in anesthesia. Know how to calculate, know what both names for the drug are, (trade and generic) know if they are alpha, beta, or both etc. I was asked what the generic name for neo was, what type of drug it was & when I would give it...when I answered septic shock, I was then asked a lot of questions about septic shock.
    • ACLS- you need to know this backwards & forwards. Know your ECG strips like they are 2nd nature. I was asked to interpret 10 strips then asked what would I do if my pt. in NSR went into PEA, and the causes of PEA. Also know your blocks and how to treat.
    • Vents- know them well! I was asked to interpret an ABG and what the causes of metabolic acidosis could be.
    • Intubation set-up...I was asked what equipment you need (suction, laryngoscope, etc.) I was also asked how to confirm placement of an ETT.
    • Know how to interpret your art line readings...when it's dampened, etc, how to read the waveforms.
    • CVP lines- know what anatomy it goes through and what ports are used for what.
    Some non-medical advice....
    • Research your program WELL. I knew all about the professors, what they had their degrees in, what they had published. I also knew the history of the program, what it had ranked on U.S. News World & Report, what the clinical sites were. Know why you want to attend this particular program and KNOW WHY YOU WANT TO GO INTO ANESTHESIA. Sounds simple, but you definitely don't want to fumble when asked these questions.
    • Be familiar with CRNA/ MDA/ AANA political issues
    • It is nerve racking, and chances are they are going to throw you a question that is purposefully stressful just because they want to see how you handle stress. Expect this and be prepared.
    • Think of confrontations/difficult situations you have had at work and how you dealt with them.
    • If you don't know something, admit it. If you BS, they'll know.
    • Have a list of questions for them, too. It will show that you are truly interested and have given great thought to being in the field and being in their program.
    • Be confident- the more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel. Firm handshake, look them in the eye.
    • Be EARLY.
    • Be yourself.
    Good luck guys! :wink2:
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  10. by   Anesthesialovr
    I have some tips to give but am also in need of some advice!!! :-)

    I just did an anesthesia school interview and I really wasn't sure how I did. First of all, it was somewhat hard to read the individual who was interviewing me (her personality was somewhat dry). When I left, I shook her hand, and she said "Thank you, I hope to see you next year for school." I left feeling reassured, but I wonder if they say this to everyone? Could be.
    I feel I have a pretty strong resume, grades, etc. I'm just not sure! Does anyone have feedback about this?

    As far as questions they asked me, they were pretty typical (1) tell me about yourself (2) why nursing? (3) what are some of the responsibilities of a CRNA? (3) why is it so high risk? (4) where else have you applied?...and the most interesting, a scenario (5) "An otherwise healthy 34 year old female comes in for an emergency appendectomy, how (as the CRNA) are you going to get prepared? What are you going to do? What are you going to give her?
    I thought that last one was a little out there but I think I answered it the best I could based on what I had previously seen during shadowing. After I was done, I said "Is that sort of what you were looking for on the answer to that question?" The interviewer replied by saying, "Thats far better than some I have heard!"
    So, again...not sure how to interpret that. I think I have really shown my dedication to this, I explain I have wanted to be a CRNA since I was 14 years old, and haven't diverted from my plan since. I moved all the way across the country to get the best possible critical care experience I could, I have shadowed COUNTLESS clinical hours, got great recommendations, and am getting my CCRN in June.
    You guys have any thoughts?
  11. by   jen123321
    That sounds pretty good...the interviewer's comments sound promising. I don't think they say that to everyone. I hope to be in your shoes soon!! Taking GRE's next week and then interviews will start.... where was this interview you just had?
  12. by   rave21
    I will be interviewing at University of Buffalo on 11/17.....any tips???
  13. by   TrainO4
    I attended UB. I highly recommend that program. I have been a practicing CRNA almost 2 years now and felt very prepared when I graduated. Plus the program director and assistant program director are awesome.
    Read my previous thread I wrote in Feb 2007, and Nitecap's response way before that. is a great resource so it's good your here, and good luck.