1. I am just now starting down the road to my CRNA. First associates degree, then bachelors, then CRNA masters. I should be done in the next 6-8 years. Just wondering if someone can give me more details on what a CRNA does everyday. Something more than "administers anesthesia and monitors patients" would be nice. Is it a grueling, back breaking work? I am not afraid of hard work, but would like to know what I am getting into. Right now, I am a registered Echo Tech and my favorite time is when I get to the OR. I would love to ask the surgeon to let me take over for a minute (hehehe) Maybe in my next life that is what I will be. Anyway, I find the OR fascinating and I think it so powerful and amazing to literally be responsible for a patient's life. It certainly would hardly ever be boring, depending on the cases. Anyway, I need data......Anyone know any CRNA's in NC that would let me interview and shadow them as I start down this road? And by the way, I am 33....I don't think any age is too old to start over, but I am a little concerned about my ability to this work into my forties and fifties. ny thoughts on this..... I guess that about covers my questions for right now. As I think of more, I will post them.

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  3. by   Frigle
    I would say go to the anesthesia department in the hospital where you work and tell them that you are interested in anesthesia and would like to shadow a CRNA and I can't imagine that any one of them would have a problem with that. From my past experience, CRNA's love to teach.
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    Thanks so much. I am going to have to add that to my TO-DO list.