GPA Disparity

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  3. by   TLC RN
    There is hope I had a second BSN and got a high gpa. My first degree was a BS in Social Science and I got about a 2.5. I had taken organic like 3 times and go C's in it each time. During my interview they asked me why my GPA from the first degree was so low compared to my second. I told them I was much more mature and knew becoming a CRNA was what I wanted to do so my motivation to do well was much stronger. They accepted me.

    I would meet with each program and discuss your concerns. I am sure they can tell you what they would like to see you do to improve your chances. Had I done what I thought they would want me to do without talking to them first I would be taking Organic over and not be admitted to my program. Talk to them first.
  4. by   RooneyRN
    I would retake the some of the science classes if you think you will be able to get better grades now. I was originally a biology major and got Cs in classes for Bio and chemistry before I switched. I retook my chemistry courses and got As, and got As in all of my science courses required for nursing like Anatomy/Physiology, pathophysiology, etc. Some schools look at your science GPA, so anything you can do to increase this would help. Also, when they review your transcripts and see that you retook courses and did well they can see your motivation, excellent study skills, and ability to do well in these hard courses.
  5. by   MethaneMan
    Personally, I woudn't go off and retake everything. My transcripts looked much the same...horrible when I was 18, 19, and 20...followed by some "maturing" years in the military...followed by decent ADN grades...followed by stellar BSN grades. The progression as a student and adult learner showed and I recently was admitted to a crna program.

    I would instead concentrate on strengthening other areas, i.e. ccrn cert., taking a graduate level science course to further display your improved academic ability, and shadow days with a crna. Hone your interview skills, because that is where you will make your impression.

    Some schools post in their admission criteria that they give deference to more recent coursework. I would go through the laundry list of schools on the aana website and seek out those schools that advertise this and I would certainly apply to them. Also, you can pretty much figure that everyone will have good references. So, unless your good reference comes from someone within the program you are applying to, I don't think you can hang your hat on references.
  6. by   piper_for_hire
    I wouldn't worry about it. I had a similar situation and nobody mentioned my gpa from my first degree. Apply first and only retake classes if that is the reason that you don't get in. I haven't heard of that ever happening around here, but who knows.

  7. by   Napier
    What do you guys/galys think about my situation? Im still finishing up my pre-nursing AS my gpa currently is 3.3 my expected gpa upon reciving my AS degree is 3.48. Then I will be taking all my bsn courses at the same university I plan on applying for the crna program. Do you think they will look at my pre-nur gpa? I dont think its bad ,but it could be better. As someone mentioned earlier I have also matured alot over the past 2 years and realized how much I want to be a crna and have pretty much gotten straight A's since.

  8. by   tonetone77
    They only count your last 60 credits (science GPA is what they call it). You might be asked about the previous grades at an interview though. Immaturity is usually a descent answer or family issues.