Gooding Institute Interview

  1. Has anyone heard anything about the interview process at the Gooding Institute in Panama City? Thanks.
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  3. by   ***Bonita***
    I have an interview scheduled in Feb. All I know is that it is 30 minutes long. I am just preparing for the worse.
  4. by   ctucker
    I know someone who graduated from there and said that their interview is strictly personal NO clinical questions.
  5. by   MrsJCP
    I go Wednesday for my interview there, I'll let you know how it is!
  6. by   NICU_RN_CN
    I am sure you'll do fine here at Gooding.
  7. by   medulla
    I have an interview there March 1st, Let me know how it went
  8. by   MrsJCP
    I don't feel I did very well at the interview. I was extremely nervous and was kicking myself on the way home for being that way. I can talk to anyone, anywhere and not be nervous, I didn't have my game face on for sure. It wasn't a hard interview, they ask you about times you've faced problems and times you've stepped up to the challenge. And forget about studying for the test, it's hard and they say no one EVER passess it. Good luck to you all.
  9. by   cheat25
    I interviewed there in Jan. Forget about the test. It was impossible. Anyway, I will post here when I find out if I got in in March.... good or bad. I am really hoping for good news. It is my first choice school by far. Hopefully, we will be classmates after all. The waiting is driving me nuts. -cheat25
  10. by   cheat25
    Just to update.... I got in!!! Hope to see some of you there in August. - cheat25
  11. by   SkinnersH2
    Hello all, I am new to this site also and would like any advice you can give. I also have an interview at Gooding in a couple of weeks. Anything I should expect? What types of questions? Any clinical base?
    Thanks to anyone who replies
  12. by   NICU_RN_CN
    I am sure you did fine at gooding.
  13. by   jamieblu
    I interviewed at Gooding also. That test was fun, huh? I felt like jelly brains afterwards and was extremely nervous during the interview (first CRNA interview). I don't think that I wowed them but we will find out soon enough! I hope that your interview went well. There were only three people at my interview asking questions. The program seems pretty solid. All of the students that were there had nothing but great things to say.