1. Hello everyone,
    My name is Jocelyn and I am currently a nurse in Coeurdalene Idaho. I am a young nurse. I graduated nursing school at 20 and am now 24. I want to apply to CRNA school at Gonzaga but i'm a little discouraged. I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to.... (I have in the past). I worked full time through nursing school and did the RN to BSN program in one year while working (its a two year program). Gonzaga's program I hear only accepts 8 people a year and I know someone who tried to get into their program multiple times and was unsuccessful. He had a 3.5 gpa and i'm not sure what his GRE score was.
    I currently have not taken the GRE (just graduated the rn to bsn program sunday) and my GPA i'm afraid is going to be low. I know you have to have atleast a 3.2 GPA for gonzaga. My first 2 years of college I unfortunatley had a little to much fun and not enough studying and that is what is bringing my GPA down. In the last three semesters I recieved a 4.0, 3.98, and then this semester I haven't found out yet.
    If anyone is out there that has been accepted or completed Gonzaga's program would you please let me know what I am up against. I despirately want to do this...but i'm afraid my past is going to haunt me.
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  3. by   Hold'emRN
    Do not be afraid! You will never know if you do not try. The GPA is not everything. Your friend with the 3.5 may have bombed the interview. You need to get the intervew and do something in the interview to make yourself stand out amongst the other candidates. Why not apply to several programs? If you limit yourself to one program, it may be very difficult to get in. Study hard for the GRE and apply!
  4. by   zrmorgan
    Increase your probability of getting in by considering other programs...do not limit yourself to Gonzaga.

    Oregon Health Sciences U just started a program.

    If you really want to do it be prepared to make sacrifices. I am from WA, I was in the middle of applying to Gonzaga when I got accepted to Barry in FL. It is a joke to me now to think I was the slightest bit apprehensive to move so far to learn this awsome profession. And who cares if you don't get into Gonzaga your first time...there are a ton of programs out there. Good luck!

  5. by   RNPQT
    Just curious myself--does Gonzaga do open hearts with their students? I had requested an application, but it did not get that specific in the packet nor online. Also, they offer a degree in CRNA Education. They are the only school I've seen do that. However, I have seen students from other programs become educators post-graduation. What's the perk to Gonzaga's degree? Don't mean to butt-into your thread; just curious.:uhoh21: