Getting Into A CRNA Program as an alumni

  1. As someone who's spent hours browsing and learning through this community, I finally got down to submitting something of my own as to help myself and others.
    I am currently an RN ADN looking to RN-BSN programs, with an eye on my ambition of becoming a CRNA Nurse Anesthetist. I wanted to know if applying for a BSN program in a college/university that has a CRNA program would help the chances of getting accepted into their CRNA program if I was an alumni. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you!
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  3. by   icuCCRNurse
    I would think so, but I can't give you an exact answer. All you can do is try. Go for it!
  4. by   loveanesthesia
    If you are a good student in the BSN program, it may help.
  5. by   give em zzzs
    If you do well in the BSN program and are able to have their faculty write a letter of recommendation, I feel they would look favorably on that. As far as getting in just because of your alumni status, I doubt it. Consider this: If you are a mediocre applicant and are an alumni, a better qualified applicant would most likely be chosen over you because they are betetr suited for the program. A DNP alumni singing the school's praises does more for the school's reputation than a BSN alumni.
    I feel that if you are a strong applicant AND have alumni status, then they may give you the extra brownie point- but only if you deserve it.
  6. by   Nursekase
    Thank you all for your input! I strive to be a stellar student but wanted to see if alumni status would give me a leg up
  7. by   dread_pirate_roberts
    I can't speak for sure to whether just "alumni" status would help you. What I can tell you is that I worked extremely hard in my BSN program, was Student Nurse of the Year for my school and Student Nurse of the Year for my state, and was vice president of our NSA, AND introduced myself to the program director at our school in my first semester before ANY of that other stuff happened, and I was admitted to CRNA school at my alma mater on my first attempt. I do not believe that being an alumna in itself will not gain you any favor. Being an alumna who has shown initiative and shows the qualities they look for in a CRNA (i.e. professional involvement, integrity, tenacity), might tip you over the edge if they were deciding between an alumna or someone else.
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