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  1. Hi all,
    I have an interview the end of October and I have to bring a financial statement with me. I have no idea what to write down because I do not know what I will be receiving as financial aid. I have been reading the financial aid threads. When is the soonest I can apply for loans? I am not even accepted at this point, is it too early to apply for money now? This makes me very nervous, but somehow I just think it will work out. Please offer advice.
    Thank you
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  3. by   lifeLONGstudent
    i have to bring a financial statement with me. i have no idea what to write down because i do not know what i will be receiving as financial aid.

    call the school to clarify what they want in a financial statement, that way you don't waste your time or theirs... nothing like showing up and not having what they want.

    i would think you would need a copy of your budget (if you have one, most ppl don't), copies of savings/investment accounts, list of all debts with current balances, etc. i would be very detailed and precise... show them that you worked at this and not just threw some numbers on paper that took all of 5 minutes. the last thing you (or school) wants is for you to be going to school and then get stressed over money and contemplate trying to work "on the side". and, as i tell my daughter, "financial responsibility is a sign of maturity". having your stuff together will make an impression.

    as far as applying for loans now - i wouldn't. you aren't even accepted yet.... just wait. you should have plenty of time to get all that done once you get the acceptance letter... plus the banks want to know where you are going to school because loan amounts are calculated based on what your school costs.

    from now until school starts, i would try to pay off as much debt as possible. also, you need to save 6 months of living expenses in an emergency fund (money markets yield better interest than savings accounts) before school starts. definately make a budget and stick to it. look at where you are wasting money (shopping, eating out). start using cash and write everything down that you buy. take an agency or prn job for extra money. i teach financial peace university by dave ramsey --- i highly recommend that class to everyone. if i told you how much we have paid off using that program, you wouldn't believe me. check out and if you don't take the class, at least start listening on the radio in your area.

    pm me if you have ?s,
  4. by   japaho41
    Did you look at the FSFA website? I would think that would be your first step in the financial aid process. I am not sure if you need to be accepted to proceed with the form.