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  1. Anybody applying for Evanston program? Would like to know what GRE scores would get me in. I have a good GPA though but minimal experience.
    Any input is appreciated.
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  3. by   krzysiu
    sorry for the generic answer, but i have friends that were accepted with scores over 1000. i think 1000 is the magic number most schools look for. im sure people will chime in and, obviously, say thats not all the schools are looking at. i would shoot for the highest score possible. it will only help.

    hope it helps,
  4. by   SLSB2
    I am a student in the Evanston program. I think a lot of potential applicants get hung up over the GRE. In actuality, they are looking at the whole package, which also includes GPA, science GPA, and experience. The most important factor is critical care experience. If you truly have "minimal" experience (less than 2 years in ICU) then I would recommend working another year before applying. The school also looks favorably on working at university/Level I trauma hospitals as opposed to a community hospital setting.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
  5. by   whynotme
    Thank you. yes, I am working at Level 1 trauma center. I have perfect scores in science and nursing GPAs. The only thing that could be negative on my application is my experience and of course I am taking GRE soon and do not know how much I will score. I am preparing for it.

    I am applying for 2007 and if I do not get in, I understand that the application is good for 2 years and so I may be able to get in 2008 class.

    Do you know anyone who has been accepted with one year experience?

    I am gonna have to wait and see!

  6. by   SLSB2
    Hi - Sounds like your application will be strong, good for you! The least amount of experience I've heard of is 2 years. I would say the average years of experience is 5-6. I recommend taking the GRE and applying, they may accept you for a start in 2008, contingent on continuing full-time employment. I've heard of that occurring. It would be nice to have an acceptance letter, even if you have to wait! Are you also applying to Rush? Have you shadowed a CRNA yet?

    Best of luck to you!
  7. by   whynotme
    No, I am not applying for 2007 to Rush since the deadline was september and I did not have any material ready at that time. But if I do not get in at Evanston, I will try at Rush for 2008.

    Thanks for your encouragement. I am PALS, ACLS certified as well.
    I am hoping to get good GRE score.
    No, I have not been able to shadow CRNA yet. I have to work on that soon.

    Yes, you are right. I will be working full time at the same place since I will not be attending DePaul. I graduated from there with a MS in nursing.

    Thanks again. It is encouraging to know that I might have a slight chance of getting in next year!!!
  8. by   whynotme
    Also, how many interviews did you have to attend?
    Also, how long did you have to wait after the interview to know the results?

  9. by   SLSB2
    Hi - Just curious, how do you have an MS without the GRE? When I took the GRE it was scored out of 2400, and the school posted that 1500 was the minimum score. Now that it has a maximum score if 1600 (plus some writing section), I believe the minimum for admissions is 1000. I don't think that is published anywhere, though, just a guideline that I've heard of.

    I strongly recommend shadowing a CRNA before putting your efforts into applying. What aspects of nurse anesthesia are attractive to you? Although I personally think it's a great profession, it is not for everyone. Shadowing a CRNA will give you a better idea about what your day will be like, responsibilities, etc. It will also give you something to discuss in the interview!

    My interview was all day, with the 2 directors, plus 2 instructors. I believe I learned of my acceptance about 6 weeks afterward.
  10. by   whynotme
    I have another MS for which I took GRE. It is too old now. Although I have a great GPA from that MS as well, they want me to take GRE again. I have no other choice since they will NOT accept those scores anymore.
    I have shadowed CRNA as a student but not recently after I got the job. But I have no doubts about the job and my liking for it.
    But as you said, I have to shadow now so that I will have something to discuss at the interview.
  11. by   SLSB2
    If you took the GRE for your MS in nursing, you probably have a good idea of what kind of score you'll get. The format of the test didn't change much for the verbal and quantitative sections. They scrapped the analytical section for the writing. If your verbal + quant score was > 1000, you should be in good shape.
  12. by   whynotme
    My GRE is very old. I do not mind taking it again to be competitive again for the school.

    Do you remember what kind of questions were asked at the interview?

    How many students in your class?

  13. by   SLSB2
    Hi - The questions in the interview were similar to ones posted on another recent thread:
    Why do you want to be a CRNA?
    What do CRNAs do?
    Have you shadowed a CRNA, what was the experience like?
    I think they also asked how I was going to finance the program, since you cannot work during clinicals.

    Our class is about 18 students. There are a limited number of spaces for post-masters students (2-3 per class).

    Good luck!
  14. by   APNgonnabe
    Hello I sould like to interject a question-
    I am looking at programs in Chicago, would either be able to PM or email me...just wondering if i have a chance.
    Thanks in advance