Enterance Essay to Mt Marty???

  1. I was just wondering if anyone had any possible suggestions to the enterance essay questions that Mt Marty want you to write. It is not like the others and so I thought I would ask if any of their students had any ideas of how to go about it.
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  3. by   chicaindenver
    hi 18ladybug: i applied at mt marty as well and struggled a bit with the letter but kinda kept it general. hey: have you heard anything from the program? i've tried calling the admissions office to ensure that my app file is complete but noone is calling me back. hmmmm..... anyway: if you know anything..please lemme know!
  4. by   18ladybug
    Hi there! Yes, I have heard a lot about Mt Marty! I have talked with the Director of the program and I have talked to graduates from Mt. Marty. I was highly impressed by the answers to my questions from the director. I was also impressed that all of the graduates had nothing but good things to say about the program and the experience that they got during the program. The CRNA's I talked to also stated that they felt more then prepared to pass boards. I hope this helps! As for the essay I ended up doing the samething by keeping it as simple as possible. AMY
  5. by   chicaindenver
    Sounds great! We'll talk more in the near future! thanks for the info!