Early Interview!

  1. I have an early interview scheduled for Monday Oct 17 at MTSA. I have been studying some over the past few months but have really had to book it this last week. I was not aware that early meant this early. Only had one week notice. Not complaining, though. Just fortunate to get an invite. If anyone has had an early interview, please let me know how it went. I was told that early interviews and normal interviews were different. I am studing Stoetling's Drug book and some critical care resources for the other information.
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  3. by   TexasCCRN
    I had an early interview as well. Not at your school. I don't know how they are different really. From what my interviewers told me the students who get picked for early interviews are excellent canidates and have their stuff together. I look at it as a positive. You will likely know that you are in before everyone else. I knew before thanksgiving that I was in and it was a big weight off of my shoulders! Good luck!
  4. by   newkarian
    I to unexpectedly was invited for an early interview at MTSA. Any insight into what to expect would be appreciated.
  5. by   als4f
    Do you live in Nashville? If so, where do you work? I have also applied to MTSA. The only thing that they have said is to study your drugs. Good luck with your interview.
  6. by   newkarian
    I live in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. MTSA came highly recommended by several CRNA's I know and I was attracted to the fact that it is an independant anesthesia school. Does anyone know how many people have gotten early interviews and how many of us they will be accepting? Good luck everyone.
  7. by   newkarian
    How did your interview go yesterday. Did you get in? What kind of questions did they ask?