1. I apologize before hand- this probably should go in pre-CRNA but I really needed some advice and insight from a student. I am really interested in Duke's CRNA program to start Jan 2013. I have researched a ton of schools and was wondering about the clinical sites- i know there is a wide range (i read somewhere up to 15 different sites across nc)- I was was wondering on average how many you end up going to? I really like the progam and all I've seen when i've visited. I've been saving and am my family and I are willing to take on the challenge (because from what i hear from everyone it is very much a challenges everone in the family) but I am not sure I want to spend he whole second half of the program away from my family. I know that there are no guarantees i would even get in but I feel that I am a stron applicant and would not want to go through the whole process knowing it would not be something I was willing to do.
    Please anyone with a little bit of insight let me know how the program is? any just for curiosity, how's the interview?
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  3. by   mask_induction
    I am a current Duke SRNA. We do have a lot of clinical sites - like 18 or 19 I think. No one rotates through all of them, at least not that I've seen. 7 of them are in Durham, however. Otherwise they are spread throughout the state. Junior year starts with a semester of didactics, then 2 days/week of clinicals in the summer, then 3 in the fall and then 4 for the rest of the program. Some people will be on away rotations during their junior year. Once your senior year starts, you typically do month long rotations - some will definitely be away, but you're home on the weekends and away housing is provided. I have a family as well and while it hasn't always been easy, it has been doable.
  4. by   and1ccrn
    Thanks for the reply, I'd have to say that Duke is definitely the number one school on my list. Any suggestions about the interview process or general advice about getting through the program with a family? Thanks again for the reply!!!
  5. by   bmobSRNA2015
    Thanks for the info! I'm strongly considering Duke because of all the great stuff i've heard!! I'll be applying from out of state (CA) and hoping to make the move out to NC
  6. by   Spoiled1
    Does anyone know if Duke actually accepts students with step-down ICU experience? The websites say they'll consider it, but I am just curious to know if anyone has actually been accepted with that experience.
  7. by   bmobSRNA2015
    I think with any CRNA school that there are so many applicants that you have to think about....if they have a ton of other applicants that all have the required ICU experience....why would they make an exception for step down experience. Try your hardest to get some ICU experience and keep on trying!!! I think you really the ICU experience is important!!