Dream of becoming a CRNA..

  1. To sum it all up in a nutshell...:stone

    I'm a single 23 year old male who has 1 semester left in an ADN (Associates Degree in Nursing) school.

    My nursing grades so far have been average as well as my grades for science courses (As, Bs, and some Cs):uhoh21:

    I carry a 2.8 overall GPA and I plan on attending an RN-BSN program because I understand that in order to go to Anesthesia schools you must have your BSN.

    Must I retake my sciences over? Am I taking the right path in becoming a CRNA? After I graduate from ADN nursing school should I start working part-time ICU while doing my RN-BSN?

    Do I stand a chance in becoming a CRNA considering that I have no experience working as a nurse but as a nursing student only had the experience to work with patients as part of clinicals? Am I too old to become what I've always dreamed of wanting to be?

    I'm out of sorts right now and I feel my dream is out of reach and that I must go through an inevitable struggle, but what motivational factor could there be for me in trying to improve on my academic shortcomings?

    I try to tell myself I will become one. However, easier said than done.

    I need some guidance.

    Thank you.

    Please anyone, anyone at all reply and have me understand what it takes.
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  3. by   ScoobySnacks
    don't get discouraged! i am not really in a position to offer advice on your exact situation as far as grades and classes (i would talk to an advisor about that) but i will say that i am 24 and i have a business degree...i just decided recently that i want to be a nurse and very possibly a crna. i am starting my prerequisite courses for nursing school in january. you are way further along than i am and you have no reason to feel like it's too late. i'm about to dedicate the next 5-7 years of my life just changing careers, but you know...those years will pass by anyway. i might as well be working toward what i really want to do in the mean time! keep at your goals! people work for a long time. you are still young and you can still do it. just think, if your dream is to be a crna and you don't go after it now you will be thinking what if until you continue the journey, and you will probably eventually decide to go for it again anyway so you may as well keep up the fight now and get there sooner!

    hang in there! anything worth having is hard work. you can do anything you put your mind to! good luck!
  4. by   jemommyRN
    I definitely agree. I just laid out my seven year plan as I have a chemistry degree and will need to get my BSN. Those years will pass anyway. And guess what... I'm 25! There are people who (on some of these threads) are in their 50s doing it so I know that we can. Yes, I suggest you discuss with your advisor what needs to be better on your transcript and do whatever it takes. Time flies by too quickly for us to waste time. As far as your experience. You are going to have to get at least a year of critical care experience as an RN. What we do in clinicals is not going to cut it. I just look at it like...while I am getting my ICU experience, I want to learn as much as possible and get as many certifications as possible to make me a better candidate with CRNA school. You'll be fine, just maintain your dedication and ask yourself "HOW BAD DO I WANT IT?"