Don't Listen to alarmist

  1. I have listen to so many negative people about what you can and can't do. Insane stories about people sabotaging others, about people who didnt get in for so many various reasons. I would advise anyone trying to get into CRNA school . Get above their minimum standards at least, get good experience, good letters of recs, and apply to more then one school. Ignore everything else. I almost convinced myself not to even apply because of all the alarmists in nursing both on and off this board. Just use this board to for information as you need it, dont freak out , and apply. I applied to two schools, accepted to two schools. Im in month two and couldnt be happier.
    Good luck to everyone!!
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  3. by   TexasGas
    Well said, couldn't agree more. And although it does require a tremendous time commitment, my wife and I still eat dinner at least 4 times/week (I'm in right now.)

    Good luck, and stay caught up. That is all you need to do.