day in the CRNA life questions

  1. I wanted to know the majority of the procedures that are preformed by a CRNA. I realize that as your knowledge and experience grows thus does the procedures you can do and I'll bet it varies from place to place but do you find yourselves in repetition with the work you carry out?

    How much support do you get from the on floor anesthesiologists? Are they always around watching your back in case something goes wrong or if there's a complicated procedure? Do you have enough space or too much? Has a CRNA ever lost a patient?

    I also wondered how much, if any, bedside treatment a CRNA preforms and by bedside I mean assisting with going to the bathroom, cleaning, bathing, etc. I know that the primary role for an anesthetist is obviously anesthesia however I didn't know if this was included in daily life.

    If any of you can answer any one of them I'd be greatfull.
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  3. by   loveanesthesia
    Most of the time I work without an anesthesiologist, so I have to watch my own back. You shouldn't become a CRNA unless you are comfortable with assuming responsibility for what you are doing.

    I have never seen a patient get a bath or go to the bathroom in the OR.
  4. by   mark2climb
    The general answer to your question is.....IT DEPENDS. If you haven't done so already, I'd highly recommend that you shadow a CRNA locally and ask those questions. You can probably answer those questions by observation.

    Full disclosure....I am merely a SRNA.

    CRNAs can do CVL placements, give regional anesthesia, place invasive monitoring lines....pretty much what your avg anesthesiologist can do.

    If you work at a facility that only has CRNAs, there will be no anesthesiologist supervision. If you work at a facility using the ACT model, then yes there will be supervision. The scope of practice of CRNAs in that ACT will depend largely on politics.

    Have CRNAs ever helped patients to the restroom? I would say yes to that. Is it expected? Probably not. Is it a nice thing to do...very much so.

    Do CRNAs lose patients? Yes because some patients just cannot be saved. Does it happen often? I would say not.
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    You could start by looking here:
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    Thanks all of you for your posts so far. Today I've been trying to find somewhere to shadow a CRNA for a day to get a better perspective but every answered question helps.