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    I hope this is not a redundant question, however, what I can not seem to glean from the site is the "typical" cirriculum for the CRNA programs. I do understand that each cirriculum will vary a bit - but just looking for a general description.

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  3. by   TraumaNurse
    There is no "typical" curriculum because each program is different. Some programs are front loaded in which all didactic courses are done in the first 12 months and then the rest of the 24-30 month program is clinical. Other programs (Like mine) are fully integrated, meaning that we start in clinical from the start and have a mix of class days and clinical days each week for the entire program. To see the various programs curriculums, go to
    You can go to many different school's websites and see their curiculum, as well as other info about the program. Good luck.
  4. by   EmeraldNYL
    All schools are different, but here is what mine is like so far:

    I just started, so I am in class all day every day, usually from 8-2 or so. I usually have 2-3 exams a week. Occasionally they will give us a study day but I am sure these will go away soon as we start clinical. Right now we have SimMan one day a week to talk about clinical stuff, but we start in the actual OR in November 2 days a week. On the days we are not in the OR we have class and exams. Next semester we will be in clinical 3 days a week and in the spring we will start taking call. Eventually as seniors we will only have class one day a week and be in the OR all the other days. We also get 4 weeks of vacation time each year, but that includes our sick time.
  5. by   Ginger35
    Thank-you for the replies TraumaNurse and EmeraldNYL - I do appreciate them.

    EmeraldNYL, this sounds very demanding!!! I hope that you are able to "come up for air" now and then.

    My nursing background is mostly in Trauma - however, if I should ever decide to pursue something like this - it appears that one needs ICU experience atleast a year. I am currently enrolled in an MBA program and working the ER - I'm just trying to plan ahead a bit. Looks like I have a ways to go yet.

  6. by   soliant12
    My schedule consisted of 4 days a week this past summer of classroom. Tues 1000-1630 Wednesday 9:00-12:00 Thursday 0900-1200 then 1300-1600 and Friday 0900-1200. This fall we go to class 3 days a week Tuesday 0900-1530 Wednesday 0900-1200 and Thursday 0900-1200 then 1230-1430 then 4 days off. No clinicals till January and then we will be off three days a week. Our tests are currently staggered so we have only one test a week and occasionally we will have a week with no tests. After the first year it is majority clinical time with 1 class per week. Pretty laid back program compared to others I have seen. Not a lot of papers to write weekly and the program grants a Masters in Nurse Anestheisa and not an MSN so no BS nursing classes (just my 0.02 opinion.).
  7. by   ~FloridaCCRN~
    Soliant12, which school do you attend?