CRNA Programs without Physics/Organic Chem?

  1. I was just wondering if there were any programs that don't require these two as prereqs.
    I was looking into Bradley, Peoria, IL, they don't have it listed specifically as a prereq. But I hear the majority of schools want this. I have everything but these two undergrad courses. GPA, GRE, ICU Exp for several years. any advice?
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  3. by   shandsburnRN-CRNA
    If they don't require it as a pre-req then it may be part of the program. I'm sure it's included somewhere since anesthesia has it's roots in organic and bio chem.
  4. by   NMB IVP
    I applied to many schools that don't require either. Union University, U of South Carolina, Medical U of South Carolina, U of North Florida, Gooding in Panama City Florida, Medical College of GA, Samford in Birmingham AL, Texas Wesleyan, Baylor in Houston, LSU, Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge, etc.
  5. by   krisjazzer13
    Just an FYI: I have been accepted to Bradley/Decatur Memorial Hospital's program and they do require organic chemistry with a grade of C or better....check out their requirements on the DMH website: Some schools will take either organic chem or biochem (biochem was much better than organic in my opinion!!)