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    I am hopefully going to be starting my BSN in the fall. I, of course, need to shadow a CRNA as well as other DNP specialties so that I can find out which specialty I would like to practice for the rest of my career. I know that I should not box myself in and only say that I want to be a CRNA since it is a very competitive program to get into. Also, so I don't put too much hope into it because it is difficult to get into. However, out of curiosity when I did look up prerequisites for CRNA programs I saw ones that required a graduate statistics course and ones that required a biostatistics course. Would taking a graduate biostatistics course fulfill both a graduate statistics course as well as a biostatistics course? I know it doesn't sound like a very intelligent question as the answer is pretty obvious to others. Thank you for taking the time to read my message and have a great day.

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  3. by   Bluebolt
    Probably not. You would have to contact the admissions committee for the schools you're interested in to see if they would be lenient and accept the one course for both requirements. You'd have no gaurantee that the year you apply they will still accept the one course, especially if they have many competitive applicants who took both requested courses.
  4. by   Carterjcr
    Sorry, I worded my post incorrectly. The requirement for a graduate statistics class is from one college while the requirement for a biostatistics class is from another college. I was saying a graduate Biostatistics class in hopes of not having to take both separately.
  5. by   WndrlstRN
    I would think a biostatistics course would suffice as 'graduate statistics' - if that answers your question. Are you currently an RN? If not, definitely keep your options open as far as what you want to do and shadow as many different roles as you can - Nurse Manager or Executive, Educator, NP, CRNA. You'd be surprised how many people are convinced they want to be a CRNA until they shadow in the OR for 4-6 hours at a time and hate it!