CRNA application- am I qualified?

  1. Hello, I'm looking to get some opinions thrown at me regarding applying to CRNA programs considering my credentials.

    An idea about me: I am extremely motivated. I remember knowing since junior year of high school that I want to keep the idea of becoming a CRNA lingering in my head. As I finished my 4 year bachelors program in nursing, it became something I knew I was going to definitely pursue. Each and everyday it becomes more and more validated that I want to make this dream come true.

    My question is, what are the odds of me getting into a CRNA program with these credentials?
    1 year Med-surg experience
    1 year Step-down (mainly Cardiac Intermediate care unit)- trauma 2 hospital
    1 year ICU experience- trauma 2 hospital- cardiac surg, neuro surg, trauma, medical patient population.

    Before applying, i plan on completing my GREs and getting my CCRN.

    I also have done a lot of extra curricular work within the hospital to make myself stand out on paper but also towards management to take me seriously when i present the opportunity of wanting to pursue CRNA school with just 3 years of nursing (only 1 of which being a year in the ICU).

    I know becoming a CRNA might be the hardest thing I ever do, but i am confident that I can make it with these credentials. I study almost 3-4hrs a day (approx. 2-3 days a week) on my days off regarding things i come across at the ICU/trying to better myself.

    In knowing that I am capable of accomplishing this, do you think programs will be just as confident in my abilities to complete a CRNA program with these (maybe minimal) credentials?

    Thanks in advanced!!

    Charlie RN ICU.
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  3. by   m1lkofamnesia
    Experience sounds good! Some schools may prefer 2 years of ICU. How's your GPA? As long as you get your CCRN and do well on the GRE, you'll be fine.
  4. by   CharICU
    Quote from m1lkofamnesia
    Experience sounds good! Some schools may prefer 2 years of ICU. How's your GPA? As long as you get your CCRN and do well on the GRE, you'll be fine.

    GPA 3.5-3.6
  5. by   Sarliz
    Hello; I just went through the application process and got accepted to SUNY Buffalo. What I learned through the process is they are really looking for something about you that clicks with them and a lot of it is how you present yourself at the interview. Whether you know the answer to a question or not, they want to see that you dont get rattled.

    Definitley get your CCRN. A few things you can do to make you a well-rounded applicant is to get on committees at work or come up with a quality improvement project. Finally, if you have the time, volunteer in the community - it shows you go above and beyond and that you can handle multiple commitments and manage your time.
  6. by   Rico713
    I got in with 1.5 years exp, decent gre, ccrn, csc, and tncc. Chair of committee, preceptor, and some volunteer hours during undergrad. Also presented a research poster at a nationaL nursing conference during undergrad. Its about the whole application not just experience. If you have 1 year and beefed hp other areas you are fine.
  7. by   emilyzwz
    Definitely do well on your GRE and get your CCRN. Another thing to do before you apply is to get some shadowing experiences-a lot of schools really likes that since it shows that you have initiative. I didn't have good GPA, average at most, but I did very well on my GRE in the 320s and got a recommendation letter from the CRNA I shadowed for an entire year and got into VCU. So as long as your grades are good and you show initiatives you'll be good to go!
  8. by   JWOkStRN
    You are definitely on the right track. Selection to a program is relative to what a program is looking for in their candidates. Each program weighs different aspects of their application and selection process differently Best bet is to contact the programs you are interested in and speak to someone in the department about what would make you a competitive applicant. Additionally, I agree that shadowing is a good idea. Some individuals only shadow a few hours, some several hours. I put in 32 hours of shadow time with two different CRNAs at 2 different facilities that serve different populations. I, also, had the "luxury", so to speak, of being able to apply anywhere in the country I wanted to bc my husband and I do not have children and we were willing to relocate. It gave me the opportunity to select programs that I felt would be a good fit for me. Remember, you should be vetting programs as much as programs are vetting you. Just my two cents. Best of luck on your endeavor. I know all too well the stress of wondering if you stack up competitively against the rest.