CRNA Applicant needs interview advice

  1. Hey all,
    I have an interview w/ Case in 2 days, PITT in Jan and haven't yet heard from Gonzaga, Midwestern or Sameul Merritt. Anyone have any advice for interviews at any of these programs? Getting nervous :imbar
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  3. by   Kiwi
    Try to do a search on both the Pre-CRNA forum and the CRNA forum. Interviews at these schools probably have been discussed in previous threads.
  4. by   An Yogi
    Congratulations on getting interviews to several schools. First and foremost, be yourself. Remember, first impressions only happen once. Smile, be friendly, give a firm handshake (practice with a trusted friend for feedback, NO ONE cares for the wimpy shake). Dress professionally and more on the conservative side...leave the jeans and mid-riff exposing skimpy shirts at the hotel or home.

    Other tips: ask questions about the school. How many students/class? How many apply? How many actually interview? What qualities do you seek in an applicant? Do I get regional experience, SAB, epidural, axillary, chronic pain management? Do I work with MD or DO residents? If so, who gets the 'big' cases, i.e. hearts, craniotomies, big vascular cases, etc.? And WHO decides case assignment? Who does pain management in OB? Are all needs met at the primary clinical site or do I rotate to other facilities? How long are 'out' rotations? How far are they away from the primary site? Is housing provided (if necessary due to distance)?

    What is the passing rate for graduates taking the certification exam for the first time? Second time? Need for a third?? What is the official policy for working while in school? Here's reality: Many students come out of anesthesia school with >$100,000 in debt. That will take a LONG, LONG TIME to pay off. A REALLY LONG time even with $1000-2000 monthly payments. Yes, income for a new grad is good, however, remember that you will also be coming out of a period of deprivation...need that new car (the 1989 Chevelle is on its last leg), move to a larger apartment or house, recreational activities, never mind taxes...these cut a pretty big hole in that income check. I AM NOT ADVOCATING WORKING DURING SCHOOL, however, some may need to work only 2 12h shifts a month to make the difference between staying afloat and sinking due to other personal issues. Reference to family, kids, elderly parents, all sorts of financial stressors come into play during school.

    Best of luck to all applicants for nurse anesthesia. Despite the rigors of the program, it has truly been one of the best things I've done, become a CRNA.

    An Yogi