Columbia University CRNA 2013

  1. Anyone got their acceptance emails yet?
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  3. by   bluhnr
    I am on the wait list. Applied to Columbia and UMDNJ. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!
  4. by   saneef
    on the waitlist
  5. by   snby
    Got mine 3 days ago.
  6. by   thisreadyflesh
    Received mine on 11/21.
  7. by   snby
    Congrats! I guess I'll be seeing you on Visiting Day.
  8. by   VasoactiveRN
    Im on the wait list as well. Praying that i get in because it's the only school i applied to for CRNA. Anyone know how many students got accepted into the class? How many schools did everyone apply to?
  9. by   snby
    Columbia and UMDNJ. Still waiting on UMDNJ.
  10. by   picusam
    Im on the wait list as well. Anyone know how many applicants are waitlisted on average every year?
  11. by   thisreadyflesh
    @snby Thanks, you too.

    For all the wait-listers, if it's any consolation, I know someone who was wait-listed last year and then called for acceptance literally within 3 weeks of program start-up in May. So you never really know.
  12. by   VasoactiveRN
    I heard of an applicant getting a call 1 day before classes started. I have heard that the list is small.
    I wish i knew so that i can start reading the books.
  13. by   picusam
    Anyone on the waiting list heard anything new?
  14. by   SRNAColumbia2015
    I'm in! Class of 2015, Start 2013