Biochem vs. Orgo III + IV for Chem minor

  1. I am a BSN student with my heart set on nurse anesthesia. I have been debating on a minor for a long time now and have decided to pursue a chemistry minor. As a part of my minor, I have the option of taking Biochem I & II OR Organic Chem III & Advanced Organic Chemistry. This would be on top of Orgo I & II. To break it down, it would be four semesters of orgo VERSUS two semesters of orgo and two semesters of biochem. I'm really torn between the two because I don't have a problem taking either. I would just like to take whichever would be more beneficial to me as a SRNA/CRNA and would also help get me into CRNA school.

    Also, would it be frowned upon if I have a BSN with Chem minor, but took those chem classes >3 years prior to applying to CRNA school? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   bread angel
    I think there is more of a use of biochemistry in anesthesia than organic. But, to be safe, contact some anesthesia programs and ask them.