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  1. Hi I have always wanted to be a CRNA and now I am qorking as a Tech for St.Johns Mercy Medical Center. St.Johns has a school in Springfield Missouri called Southwest Missouri School of Anesthesia of St.Johns Regional Health Center. I think It's great because I am working on Becoming a RN,BSN and then applying to this program. However. I am not a spring chicken without resposibilities. I am 33 and I have two kids to support. Can anyne please give me some advice and words of encouragement on achieving my dream. I am passionate about Nursing. I researched the field for over a year before I applied to the PCT program, I am certain this is what I want I also love science so I am comfortable with all the science courses I will need to take. I just would like an idea of how to plan a path from PCT to CRNA thats sensible and economical I plan to go to the community college then University of Missouri for my Nursing degree which will save me a bundle my job helps pay and I have research other tuition forgiveness programs. The CRNA program is only 11,000...One of the cheapest in the nation. I was told by a friend I could get my RN at a community college and Bachelors in another field so I have options but I am not sure this is acceptable for the CRNA program. Anyway.I would love to hear from some people who have achieved their goal or are currently in the CRNA program. Thank You!!!!
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  3. by   thekid
    I'm not in the CRNA program yet, am a two year RN and going to complete my BSN. I'm 38 with two kids ..I say go for it !
  4. by   Erindel RN
    hi, i plan to do the exact same thing as you. i applied to a 2year college for my rn and i plan on going for my RN to MSN and then to apply for the CRNA program. remember you must work atleast a year in critical care before u apply to CRNA school. i know it will be hard, i have an 8 year old at home and am a single parent so i know it will be rough for me. i am 27 so i plan to work a few years hopefully in the ER and ICU. i really want the OR experience though. i guess it is never to late to learn as long as u go for what ur dreams are...
  5. by   thekid
    thanks for the posts, it will be a long path but well worth excited by the challenges as well good luck to you all
  6. by   diosadelsol
    Quote from smoothemergence
    Our program will cost over $150,000 a year.
    Just curious as to which program you are attending? A $150,000/year price tag is pretty steep - I want anesthesia bad, but not that bad. The most expensive schools I've seen are UPenn and Duke at approx. $75 - 80,000 for the entire program. The above mentioned tuition is robbery.