BARRY UNIVERSITY Post Baccalaureate DNP starting May 2018

  1. Hello fellow nurses,

    I was just wondering how applications are going for the May 2018 Post BSN DNP program. I just received a call for an interview this December 15 and wondering who else is in the same boat or who else is applying or planning to apply.

    Lets discuss!

    And good luck to everyone.
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  3. by   canookies
    when did you submit all your paperwork? I just sent everything in and hoping to get some response soon
  4. by   britattie
    Hey! Is this for the anesthesia program? I have an interview on January 26th! Are you local or traveling? I'll be traveling there from Kentucky. Let me know how yours goes!!
  5. by   protectNnurse2b
    see main thread for Barry DNP @ Barry University - DNP 2018
  6. by   britattie
    Hey! How did your interview go?!
  7. by   Bash_Momma0117
    Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I drove down to Hollywood, FL just hoping to get the site I want. But I just got my acceptance letter yesterday. So I guess interview went great! Quite a blessing for the beginning of the year. I hope all goes well for you as well for the 26th and hopefully I see you during orientation!
  8. by   protectNnurse2b
    how was the interview?
  9. by   britattie
    Awesome! Were there many people there with you? I'm so nervous for my interview, but very excited at the same time.
  10. by   malaika22
    Congratulations! I applied in Nov. Haven't heard anything yet but trying to stay hopeful.
  11. by   britattie
    Definitely stay hopeful! It seems like sometimes it can take some time, especially from reading past posts.
  12. by   icu2542
    How did the interviews go on the 26th? still waiting on a call. Praying for the best
  13. by   britattie
    Hey there. I think the interview went well. They were very personable. Very short interview overall, I was in and out in about 30-40 min. The interview itself was roughly 10 minutes. They said letters should be sent out within two weeks. So here's for hoping!
  14. by   icu2542
    Wishing you the best of luck ! When is their last interview date? The program starts in 3 months. Has anyone else received an interview ? They are having one the 23rd of February I believe.