Applying to Rosalind Franklin & Northshore - page 3

I am finally starting the application process and wondering if there are any recent applicants to Rosalind Franklin or Northshore out there with some words of wisdom? What do you feel made you stand... Read More

  1. by   ICU1500
  2. by   kompota
    I wonder if they will send the snail mail on Friday and email us on Monday. It will be wonderful if they just email us on Friday! I am at the point where I am counting the days till Monday!
  3. by   K.CVRN
    Couldn't agree more on waiting! These last few days just seem to drag! I hope they send the email first thing in the morning!!!
  4. by   27medic
    Decision day! Will be waiting by the computer!
  5. by   kompota
    I am constantly checking my email! Noting yet
  6. by   mrshouse
    has anyone gotten an acceptance or rejection via email or snail mail?
  7. by   Kcubs21
    I received my acceptance letter today via USPS today. No email, just the letter. I currently live in California, so maybe they sent mine out a little early so I would get it around the same time everyone else gets theirs. Good Luck
  8. by   K.CVRN
    Congratulations!!! I also received a letter of acceptance in the mail! A little confusing as they said in the interview we would be notified via email. Good luck to all who applied!
  9. by   K.CVRN
    27medic, I got your message but can't respond to you because I don't have PM privileges. if you want to send me an email send it to
  10. by   27medic
    I am in! Still in shock right now, but nonetheless, I am in!!!
  11. by   K.CVRN
    CONGRATS 27MEDIC!!! looking forward to meeting everyone as we begin this journey together!
  12. by   Milwrn
    27medic, do you know where you were on the waiting list? Did they call you or send a letter? I'm on the waiting list and anxious! Congrats on your acceptance!
  13. by   27medic
    sent you a PM