anyone out there from Gonzaga?

  1. Hi!
    Qwiigley and I have had some discussion about west coast schools under the thread of the same name. We're wondering about Gonzaga's reputation, general feedback.

    Would love to hear from you if you're out there!

    Espresso Girl
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  3. by   Brenna's Dad
    I start the Gonzaga program in January and would be happy to discuss the program with you in more detail after I have been attending for a while.

    However, I was VERY impressed with what I learned of the program during the admission interview. The feedback I received from the current students, was VERY positive and I received the impression that the instructors were VERY supportive.

    The tuition for the upcoming year is $475 per credit and it is my understanding that the program will cost approx $28000 in total minus the $6000 received as a stipend ($2000 in the last three quarters).

    The class size is small, which appealed to me. Better instructor/student ratio, which always helps learning.

    There is no competition for cases.

    The cost of living index in Spokane is much lower than large cities on the West Coast.

    Feel free to ask more questions.
  4. by   Espresso girl!
    Good to hear from you again. You seem to have all the answers to my questions! Congrats on getting in to Gonzaga. I hear they accept only 7 students? I talked briefly with a woman on the phone there. THis program does not promote itself very well, maybe there's no need. I could not even get to it on the aana listing of schools because the link doesn't work. Tried to find info through Gonzaga website and couldn't find any specific page for nurse anesthesia. There are totally hidden. Did you find this to be so?

    Do you know how many applications they received?
    Does it make any difference that the degree is in anesthesia education?
    Does this have any important implications, recognition?
    What did you mean you don't compete for cases?
    Did you compare how the tuition is with say, Cal schools?
    Do you know if they still require 2 yrs ICU? Most all the other schools I have looked at req just 1.

    Yes, the cost of living in Spokane should be really nice for you, especially after Seattle, and compared to Cal/schools back east.

    Stay warm, have some espresso.
  5. by   Brenna's Dad
    Espresso girl,

    I had the same problem with the website. Very difficult to find information online. However, you can call the school and get them to send you their handbook, which outlines the program quite nicely.

    I don't know how many applications they received, but they short listed (interviewed) 24 students.

    The fact that it is a degree in Anesthesiology education makes no difference as far as certification and work is concerned. Since I've always liked teaching, the focus on education appealed to me.

    Since there are no anesthesiology residencies at Sacred Heart, I do not have to compete for cases with anesthesilogy residents.
    Many people on this board have discussed this as an important consideration when choosing a school.

    I never compared the tuiton with So Cal schools since I was VERY against going to school in California. I've lived in Cali for periods of time while travelling and couldn't fathom going to school in LA or SanFran. However, my impression is that $22 000 for tuition is pretty reasonable.

    The Handbook tells me that the school requires two years of experience as a registered nurse prior to entry with a minimum of one year critical care experience prior to application with two years preferred.

    Since you brought up espresso, we are actually planning on buying a new machine prior to moving at the end of this month. I'm afraid $7.00 on Starbucks each day, just won't fit into the budget.
  6. by   nilepoc
    On the cost of schools, what I have seen indicates that the average degree is going to cost just shy of $30K.

    Where i am (Georgetown) you pay 950 a credit, but you only go full time for the first three semesters, after that, the costs are about 1 to 2K per semester. A friend is paying 5K per semster, for his whole program. so we are paying the same amount roughly, but at two vastly different schools.

  7. by   BRobison
    brenna's dad....
    Congrats on your admission to Gonzaga. I completed their program back in the olden days (1984) Yep...wrote that thesis on a TYPEWRITER, kept my notes in a PAPER notebook in my pocket...ahhh, those were the days.....
    None of my employers ever, ever asked about my MAE, just my certification. Actually, at one job the MAE was a plus, as I then did some work for the College of Nursing.
    The only criticism I've ever heard about the SHMC/GU program is that you may not get the variety of cases (trauma, etc) that some students get in major metropolitan areas with trauma centers, etc. However, no one at GU has ever had a problem completing all the case requirements the AANA sets for graduation. I think you get out of any program what you are willing to put into it. If you are dedicated and hard working, you'll get an excellent education. Nice people there, too!
    I wish you much success!
  8. by   Brenna's Dad
    Hey BRobinson.

    Thanks for your support. I can't wait to get started.

    I think I will really like living in Spokane as well. If I have any time for living that is. LOL.
  9. by   yoga crna
    It is my opinion that the Gonzaga program is one of the best in the country. The students get loads of regional anesthesia experience, do not have to compete for cases, have a top notch faculty, role model CRNAs and the advantage of small classes and high student-faculty ratios. As a former chief nurse anesthetist, I would never go wrong in hiring a Gonzaga graduate.
  10. by   Brenna's Dad
    In regards to our espresso machine.... we went with the Krup's Gusto (retails approx $100). Works on a pressure system versus steam and makes a very good cup. At least as good as Starbucks. The machine already has paid for itself several times over. I would recommend it to anyone.

    I'm bored. Not working and waiting for school to start.
  11. by   TexasCRNA
    BD, that won't be for very long... you will be busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest!!! Still having your dreams??
  12. by   Brenna's Dad
    No they stopped. I guess the anxiety is over.
  13. by   MelissaRN.FutureCRNA
    Hi Brenna's Dad! Congrats on your acceptance into Gonzaga!:hatparty: I am from Yakima, WA and work in a busy ICU -- although it isn't near the size of Harborview, etc. I look forward to applying to Gonzaga in the near future. It seems as though they emphasize experience rather than academics in their selection process -- not to say that academics isn't important -- just that even if you have a 4.0 gpa, you may not get in if you don't have as much experience as the next guy with a lower gpa? Is this a misconception I have acquired? Do you have any advice for me regarding their application process? I have excellent grades, but will only have two and a half years of experience when I apply. I am looking for advice or any other info I can get! Thanks so much for your time!