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I was wondering if anyone has heard from Rosalind Franklin or Rush? I'm checking my mailbox daily!!!!!!!!!!!!... Read More

  1. by   krzysiu
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    i heard from rush like 4weeks ago (it wasnt an acceptance ) i received an phone call to tell me that i would not be
    don't sweat it, I think our curriculum will be just as good plus we have an anatomy class offered by like only 10 schools in the nation! I am positive dr kremer won't let our clinical experiences be less than stellar. Not to mention we won't be getting bumped ALL THE TIME by rush anesthesia residents for the good cases sorry for grammer this is coming from a phone...
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    didnt think it was a big deal. sorry. i thought this was a nursing forum. who is watching you patients when youre combing through all these posts?

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    Congratulations on your acceptances! I am from Illinois, currently working on my nursing pre-reqs and hoping to attend a CRNA program in the Chicago area. It you don't mind, please provide your stats (gpa, gre, experience, etc.) to give future SRNA's an idea of what is competitive. Good Luck!

    well i did not have a 4.0 or a perfect gre. however, it is important to keep in mind there a many components that go into an acceptance. your personal statement, letters of recommendation, hospital experience, interview skills, and even a gut feeling about you from your interview panel are all very vital ingredients to your total package. numbers on a piece of paper will get you through the door, but how you perform in front of that questioning panel counts for A LOT.

  4. by   Tweety
    Quote from krzysiu
    didnt think it was a big deal. sorry. i thought this was a nursing forum. who is watching you patients when youre combing through all these posts?
    Check the Terms of Service whether you think it's a big deal or not, you did agree to them.

    I'm not at work now and during 95% of my posting, though during lunch breaks I do confess to visiting Allnurses because I'm an Allnures Junkie.
  5. by   chococherry

    I would recommend just doing your best in nursing school, a good GPA can carry you over even with not-so-great GRE scores.

    Undergrad- 3.85
    Grad school (core classes)- 4.0
    GRE- 1060, writing 4.0
    Experience- MICU 3.5 years, straight after undergrad. You really don't want to rush this. It takes a 1 year to get comfortable and another year to do it like "second nature"
    CCRN- didn't have time to do it, but I'm going to take the exam in few weeks.
    Letter of recommendation- once you're working, start developing good relationship with supervisors, physicians, so on. These letters count.

    Good luck.
  6. by   LHK6161976
    still waiting to hear from rush...running to the mailbox everyday. Has anyone else heard back from them? During my interview they said we might hear around thanksgiving but i know some people have been accepted...anyone else????
  7. by   aljota
    I finally got my letter from Rush yesterday.
    I was wait listed for Summer 08.....sorry chococherry...I won't be seeing you for awhile.....and a definite seat for the Summer 09 class. I will still be busy taking their pre-reqs....I'm happy with both!:spin: