Any Advice for interviews at Texas Wesleyan and Newman University?

  1. I have interviews at both Texas Wesleyan in Ft. Worth, TX and Newman University in Wichita, KS in January. Does anyone have an advice for either program? I have already interviewed and been accepted at another school, but it is my 3rd choice out of the 3 programs.
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    Lots of info out there on TWU's interview process. Clinical orientated. Not sure about Kansas, but I assume someone who has interviewed has made a thread before.

    When is your Wesleyan interview?
  4. by   BlondieRN0912
    My interview at TWU is Friday 1/3. I think I am prepared but just having those major last minute jitters.
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    Know your heart blocks, treatments for hyper kalmia, and chest pain protocol. It is nerve wrecking but they were nice to me even though I was nervous.
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    How did your interview go? What kind of stuff did they ask you?
  7. by   bootsy12
    How did your interview go? What kind of stuff did they ask you?
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    I am still in shock, but was accepted to both programs for Fall 2014, as well as a third school that I interviewed at in September. Very very excited and very thankful.

    The TWU interview was very much clinically based. My specialty is CVICU and they focused primarily on questions surrounding that. Very specific questions about swan readings, heart chambers, etc. Newman was a mix of clinical questions and personal questions. I had a couple bad grades my first year of my first degree (I had a biology degree before attending nursing school). I had to answer for the reasons I did so poorly. The clinical questions were again mostly focused on my specialty area. They sort of fed off each question with multiple interview board members expanding on whatever I had answered to the previous question.

    i am the original poster for this thread but cannot get access to the account I used to make the post for some reason... Hence the username change.
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