Another "Am I qualified ?" Question

  1. So, I too am ready to send out my applications. Like most folks I have my pros and cons to my background. I'm just curious what others think about my chances, either way, I'm going to Anes. school. I have two Bach. degrees 1st 2.95 GPA and my BSN 3.6 in an accelerated program. I have my one year med/surg ICU finished soon. ACLS and PALS. I was even an Anes. tech while in my BSN program for two years. I was an EMT for 5 years, ect. Heres the downfall...I didn't get a 1000 on the GRE. I did end up with a 590 on the math and a 4.0 on the written but the verbal was apparently in chinese. I'm really hoping to make the cut the first time around but damb that GRE ! I just don't know If I can stomach a retake. I've heard in the past that the verbal is a non issue is that true? What do you think about this situation ?
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  3. by   CaslaRN
    You didn't report your verbal score. However you will limit yourself if you do not retake it. From what I have heard, CRNA school will be way harder than any GRE test. There just are no short cuts here...........I suggest retaking it.
  4. by   piper_for_hire
    Every school is different. My school made a big deal out of the verbal and said the math was irrelevant. The fact is that nobody on this list or any other will be able to tell you if you are really competitive or not since only the schools know that - and each one of them is different. Just cause I got into a bunch of schools doesn't mean I know a thing about who is or isn't competitive. Each program is run by different people with different visions.

    There's only one way to find out where you stand: send in your apps. If you get in, great, if you don't they'll probably tell you why and then you can figure out if you can do something about that.