Adventist University CRNA 2018 Start

  1. Hello!
    I've started my adventure of pursuit in acceptance to a CRNA program. I've applied to numerous schools a few months ago, one of which is Adventist University of Health Sciences in Orlando. However, I was suprised there wasn't a thread on a 2018 start date here I am. haha Has anyone else applied yet? I was a little bummed they extended their application deadline to July because I can't handle the anticipation, and a lot of schools start things earlier. I'm also anxiously waiting to see if they get the full doctorate program acceptance for this next year/start date. Best of luck to everyone!
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  3. by   M.Salina
    Hey. Do you have any more info about the DNP program? Do you know if the first semester or 2 are online like some other programs?

    What others did you apply to?

    I'm applying to FIU so far.
  4. by   Levo-neo-vaso
    Unfortunately I don't know any further details about their program. I know they extended their application deadline in anticipation for approval, and if they get certification for the DNP program, the start date will be delayed until May 2018 I think instead of January?
  5. by   courage2care
    I'm working on my application also. Good luck to us all indeed. Let's all hope for the best. From what I hear it's also a competitive program. Do they usually hold interviews the month after application deadline or do they historically wait a few more months?
  6. by   Levo-neo-vaso
    I believe sometime that of luck!
  7. by   courage2care
    Hi bribri2113 hope we get to meet each other on that day. Application itself is already a journey in itself. I would be thankful to be considered for an interview. Let us all keep in touch though this process. We surely need all the support we can get.
  8. by   Awagrn
    I am also applying I am glad the deadline is almost here!
  9. by   courage2care
    Hi guys, quick question please, did all of you get to shadow a CRNA? Our facility doesn't use one so it's hard to find one to shadow
  10. by   ColombianSandman
    Hey everyone, I finally turned all my papers in. They weren't joking when they said get an RN or ARNP for a letter of rec. I used my critical care PA, and they did not accept. If anyone else did the same thing I did because of their availability, you still have time to fix that. Hope we are all lucky enough to get interviews. Positive vibes, and hope to meet some of you guys soon!
  11. by   courage2care
    I am submitting all my papers today as well. I had to add another recommendation from an APRN I work with. I only had 3 Recs prior with our unit intensivist as the 3rd person. Luckily, I got info from the grad admissions manager that our unit intensivist recommendation is only "additional". If anyone else did the same thing as well, you still have a few days left.
  12. by   courage2care
    Hi guys, now the long wait begins for all of us. Does anyone know how we get informed if we get accepted for interview? Do they call us or email? I've looked at other posts and did not see any information on this.
  13. by   Awagrn
    They sent the invitation emails yesterday
  14. by   courage2care
    Oh man! Didn't get any yet :-( did anyone from the group receive any invitation