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So, the Director of critical care services picture messages me his business card and says he wants to meet with me (a manager talked to him and handed him my resume --documents ). She actually called and asked me what times am I available and the DON said i could pick up hours. I could hear him talking to her. The nurse manager texted me ( i know her) and told me to text the DON I did response. The next day I sent an email ..and no response. He hasn't set up an interview with me just to contact him to meet me. I know it's only been two days but I'm just so anxious to get this job. It's a position as a student nurse in the cardiac ICU and it's a dream position for me. I'm praying that this position is meant for me and I'll have the blessed opportunity to obtain it. I want to do my preceptorship in the cardiac unit and this would be great experience !!

Now, I'm thinking the DON probably lost interest and I'm thinking of other opportunities to search for. I want to start contacting nurse managers/DON's on hospital floors by email but I have no idea how to go about it. How would I find the person's email information ?

My friends tell me I need to be patient and that I got the job for sure since he spoke to the manager about meeting me and sent the picture message. However, I don't want to get my hopes up and more and more. I feel like this opportunity has slipped away when it was within my grasp. Job searching for pct/student nursing has been an uphill battle for me and it's wearing me down :(. Just wanted to rant and ask for suggestions on how to be more creative with the job search.

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I just tried getting a hold of the DON of the facility I'm working with and it took me TWO WEEKS. Be patient. Imagine their jobs- they are SWAMPED (and hardly ever in their offices). Be consistent, I would call Mondays and Thursdays and rest, distract yourself, focus on school, and not panic.


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The thing is he has my contact information ..he said he wanted to meet with me. Everything's all set, i just need that interview to sell myself officially. Yet, when I have try to contact him I never reach him. He just didn't set up an interview. I understand they are busy but sigh...


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Just so anxious