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So, I applied for a student nursing position at the cardiac Icu and handed in my resume, anecdotal, and recommendation letter to my friends relative (she's a nursing director ) to hand into the manager at the unit. Well she calls me three hours later asking what times I want to do for the job..I was so excited :D. I could even hear the DON in the background asking questions. Well she said shed call me back and she texted me his buisness card and told me to "text " him. Well I texted him and heard no response. So I emailed him on is now Monday and still heard no response. When I asked my friends relative how I should contact him she just said to try email.

He just sounded so interested ..telling me he wanted me everyday and I could pick up hours and that he wanted to meet with me. But why isn't he picking up or emailing me?? My friends say to wait for two weeks because DON's are really busy ...but I feel like he's not interested now?'s weird I thought I had it for sure. What should I do? An I being impatient ...I really would love this opportunity I want to be a cardiac Icu nurse in the long term :( and I told him that in my cover letter. I also attached anecdotals from nurses in the cardiac Icu where I have done my clinical at. What should I do ....


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I enthusiastically refer you to . If I were out looking for any kind of position I would try my best to man up and channel this gal, because she is probably going far.