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Student Nurse Volunteer? Opinions?


Hey! So I'm currently a Junior in a BSN program. Is volunteer positions a valuable way to gain experience? Would I be able to get a job through this? What areas should I try to get in to?

Currently, I've applied to an ED Ambassador volunteer position. What other locations do you recommend?

I know that some of you may be asking...why doesn't she get a job? Well, I've tried applying for CNA jobs, unit clerk jobs, etc. all of whom never responded back to me. Most of them require(d) experience, all of which, I don't have.

And you may be wondering, why doesn't she look for some interships...Honestly, it's on my list...I would REALLY love the experience of one, but I don't think I'm smart enough to attain one. I'll try. But I feel like getting a volunteer job is more attainable.



I am a junior in a BSN program as well and I'm in the process of doing interviews for volunteer positions. As far as getting a job, I guess it all depends on if that's the hospital you want to work at after graduation and how well you network. In my case, I am volunteering because I am interested in obtaining an OB residency after graduation. I do not plan on working at the hospital I am volunteering at, but when I apply to jobs or residencies and they see that I have volunteered in OB (specifically L&D) before, they will know I've had that interest for a while.

Is there a specific specialty that you want to pursue after graduation? If so, I think you should try to volunteer on that unit. I can't say whether it'll help us get jobs in the future, but it definitely won't hurt. It'll be something extra to beef up your resume in my opinion!

verene, MSN

Specializes in mental health / psychiatic nursing.

Volunteer positions can help build experience and gain a network of people in the field. There is no guarantee that a volunteer position will lead to a job, but I have seen preference given where I volunteer to volunteer who've had a long-term relationship with the facility in getting work. Employers would like to hire a known quality more than an unknown. Of those who have been hired on - most had 2-5 years volunteering with the facility before they had the job training - meaning they were there for the volunteering and happened to get the job later, not volunteering specifically to get a job.

If you have a specific area of nursing you are interested in, see if you can volunteer in that area or a closely related area.

As for other locations/positions you can volunteer in- I currently volunteer with a local hospice center and love it! Every hospital is different though on where people are allowed to volunteer and what criteria need to be met for those areas. At my local hospital you start out as a lobby ambassador or patient escort and if you stick around for 6 months or so and prove yourself capable then you have the option of moving to a different position.