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Sooo here it is. I want to attend UMASS but they only offer an RN - BSN and then a BSN - DNP but I my career goal is to be a PMHNP. Should I look for another program or can I be a PMHNP with a DNP in... Read More

  1. by   KeriMarie
    Hi there! UMass is such a likable school for so many reasons. They produce awesome nurses and I wish there was a way for you to get your advanced degree from the school. The BSN-DNP programs will have a focus as the traditional master's tracks once (and still) have. The verdict isn't out as to when students will be required to transition to a DNP model as many universities are still offering MSN degrees. I'm enrolled in Stony Brooks online PMHNP program and have heard good things about the program. It's reasonably priced for being out of state (about $650/credit). Best of luck to you- where there's a will there's a way... there are a bunch of options.
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    I am currently going through this same process. Not many schools offer the PMHNP online, I decided though, that a DNP is the way to go. Does anybody have a list of schools that offer this?
    I don't have a list, but I do know that University of South Alabama offers an online DNP PMHNP program.
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    Yes, I have my Bachelors in psychology. My only problem with getting my degree online is that I cannot find an RN program that offers the RN online. You already have to have an RN. It makes sense yes, however, no campuses offer the RN courses in the evening or weekend. Therefore to get my RN first, I would have to attend day courses, which means no full time work - which is not an option. Yikes!
    You could do an accelerated BSN for those with a non-nursing Bachelors, then go for your MSN or DNP. You may even be able to find a direct-entry MSN for those with non-nursing Bachelors. However, these are intense and you may not be able to work full time. Are you in Mass?
    You can search by state, go up to the yellow tool bar, between "career & World, it says U. S. click on that and it gives you each state and people post about different programs in that state. I see that there are ABSN ( accelerated BSN) programs at:

    Northeastern University website there is a new Direct Entry (Online) BSN/MSN program that is located out of the Burlington campus.
    UMASS Boston ABSN program
    Salem State's Direct Entry program
    UMass Amherst Second Bachelors

    I just did a quick search & those are some of the universities that were postings about. I do not know anything about them, have never been to Mass.
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    I don't know what part of the country you live in, but here in Arizona both ASU and UofA offer distance learning DNP's for the PMHNP. Both programs require you to travel to the school once a semester but everything else can be done online and your clinical's are set up where you live. Both schools are highly regarded for their graduate nursing programs and are competitive with their tuition. Hope this helps some.