Vanderbilt Grad Entry 2013

  1. Hey everyone!

    This thread is for all of those out there who are planning on applying to one of Vanderbilt's MSN programs for Fall 2013. I'm starting to get my application packet together. I haven't started my interview survey questions and goal statement yet but I need to get on it. I need to take the GRE still though. Has anyone taken that? What did you get? Did you study? Harder than you thought?

    Let's help each other get into their program!
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  3. by   morganw1
    I'm in fact doing the same thing. I'm taking the GRE In October and I've been studying. I just started studying this month so I can't give to much helpful insight. I'm getting my packet together and sending out requests for LOR's soon. So far I'm already stressed and I've barely started. Glad I found this thred!
  4. by   LetsChill
    Which program are you going to apply to? I'd like to do the ACNP specialty. I live in Saint Louis, MO but will probably relocate to TN for the program. Do you live in Nashville now?
  5. by   JStrib
    I'm really considering the intensivist program at Vanderbilt as well. My fiance and I are planning to move to Nashville in the spring, but I'll need to get ICU experience first. So far I've worked a little over a year of cardiology and 6 months of ED. Being an intensivist just sounds like such a cool job to me.

    As far as the GRE goes, I got a Kaplan book for it and did well on the reading and quantitative reasoning sections. I under estimated the writing portion, though, or maybe even over estimated it. I was expecting to write about a logical topic. Instead, I had to write a paragraph on two separate topics including why a happy pancake house should use margarine instead of butter and another on why undergraduate students should take courses outside of their intended major. The second I could see, but I couldn't manage to show off my intelligence with the happy pancake house. I scored poorly in the writing section, which thoroughly surprised me, but I plan to retake it.

    Hope this helps at least a little!
  6. by   morganw1
    I'm actually from California! I'm looking to get out of the state for awhile. This cycle ( which is my first) I'm applying to all out of state and hoping to land somewhere. I'm applying to Acute Care. I honestly thought about nurse midwifery for a while. I went back and forth about it for at least a year but I've decided that the ER ( where I currently volunteer) is extremely intriguing. Before I got in to the ER I was in the ICU and came across some amazing stories of life and death. I do like both specialties and can see myself working in both, but the fast paced arena of the ER is where I want to be. I'm finishing up there in August before I take the GRE. My prereq's and GPA are decent but i'm hoping the GRE, LOR's, and Essay grab someones attention. Does anyone know anything about the program itself? other than it's a beautiful campus etc etc. I know they don't provide graduate housing which is a drag.
  7. by   drizzy13

    I am planning on apply to the pre-specialty program with a B.S in Public Health. I'm thinking either Nurse-Midwifery, Nurse-Midwifery/FNP or Women's Health Practitioner. I'm quite nervous because it seems everyone has had a year or so to gain experience and I will be fresh out of my undergrad. I plan on taking the GRE before the end of the year. I have both Kaplan and Princeton Review GRE books.
    Does anyone know the average of those who got in? I know they say a minimum 3.0 but I'm sure the average is much higher, same for the GRE.

    I'm going to start working on recommendation letters soon and hopefully find some more volunteering.

    Glad I found this thread!
  8. by   morganw1
    I'm just out of college too drizzy13, I just graduated with a B.S in Health Science. Don't be nervous, I think there are plenty of us recent graduates who apply all the time. Entry levels, well that I've seen from different threads on this website are diverse with young and old applicants. you'll be fine! I was reading on the website that they make exceptions for lower GPA's so the average could probably be high with a few exceptions considering they look at everything you do, I wouldn't worry as much about GPA's.
  9. by   LetsChill
    In my research, I've found that lower GPAs are usually not a problem (of course it depends on your competition for the semester you are applying). That is why Vandy requires the GRE. If you have a lower GPA and do well on the GRE, this shows the admissions commitee that, even though you may have not done well in school, you have the basic knowledge necessary to succeed in a grad program. However, I wish Vandy (like some other schools) had a GRE clause in their application process that would allow applicants with an okay GPA to surpass the GRE requirement. I guess, by taking it, it shows that we are serious about a graduate degree.
  10. by   KoKe
    Hey guys! I'm applying to Vandy's program for psychiatric mental health. I was told by a former student that applications are not available until September 15th. Is this true? I haven't taken the GRE yet, but I set my date for July 5th. I got the Kaplan books and that has helped with the quantitative reasoning. I'm sending out my LOR requests this weekend. What other schools are you guys applying to? I'm planning on applying to UIC, Univ Southern Maine, Vandy, MGH, & Case Western.
  11. by   morganw1
    I have no clue when the applications are available, I've just prepared early enough to where all I will have to do is send in materials once it does become available. I'm applying to Columbia, Yale, Duke, UNC, Vandy, and NYU. Every single one for Acute Care NP, or at least for some the end goal will be that. I have the kaplan books as well, they seem extremely helpful.
  12. by   LetsChill
    I received a newsletter in the mail from Vanderbilt stating the online application for Fall 2013 opens September 15. I tried to start my online application through the link on their website but the 2012 application is the only one available until then.
  13. by   KoKe
    Hey Morganw1,

    Are the programs for Duke, UNC and NYU accelerated or do you have to have an RN degree first? I think that NYU's dual degree program is only open to those students who are already enrolled in the BS Nursing program.
  14. by   morganw1

    Actually NYU has a 15 month accelerated progression ABSN-MSN. If you get accepted to the ABSN after the first semester you can apply to progress to the MSN portion. Obviously, if they have the specialty you want. Duke is ABSN as well, they also have the same option, you can apply to progress on to a master's after a certain amount of time. I have no idea when you can apply but I know there's an option for sure. UNC has TWO options, you can apply to the traditional BSN ( which i think takes 2 years) or you can apply to the ABSN which i think is 14months. All of these programs are Entry Level. I don't have an RN license and I'm applying to all three. I got all of this info from checking out the websites and looking at threads on allnurses. UNC's programs are under Second Degree seeking students. They've changed a lot since last year.
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